Screen shot 2023 02 21 at 1.56.02 pm
CHS Lady Ironmen softball player Laila Davis prepares to throw to first base at last week’s skill drills at CHS Field.

CHS softball team gets in skill drills before practices start in earnest


Well, folks. It’s that time again; the time all you Cherryville Lady Ironmen softball fans have been earnestly waiting for – time for the Lady Ironmen softball team to get out on the CHS softball field again and start honing those skills with bat and glove.
The ladies worked hard last week on the mound, behind the plate, on the plate, and out on the big green and brown diamond-shaped spot of local softball heaven in anticipation of another stellar year of Lady Ironmen ball playing!
That said, on Tuesday, Feb. 14, head softball coach A.J. Henley, along with a few of his assistant coaches, and a smattering of players, came out onto the CHS field, braving the cool weather in order to get in a couple of skill drills prior to them being able to start official practices and begin their season.
Coach Henley and his assistants put the ladies through their paces as Coach Henley hit them a couple of shots in varying places in the field, watching to see how they did after being away for almost a whole year from playing. Coach Williams gave the ladies their instructions and directions for ball handling out in the infield while coaches Walls
Expect to see a number of familiar faces when the season starts up in earnest this month, along with a good crew of newer young ladies who are coming out to play for Coach Henley for their first time in high school. He also noted they have been out doing a few of these skill sets earlier in anticipation of the season’s start of actual practice and this was just one of many the young ladies have been at.
“I don’t have any seniors on the team this year at all,” noted Coach Henley.
Henley had a couple of his assistants on the field with him last week: AC’s Ron Walls, Jeff Williams, and Bailey Scronce were all there to help him and to dole out coaching advice to the young ladies who will comprise this year’s Lady Ironmen.
Screen shot 2023 02 14 at 1.19.00 pm
Coaches Austin Treadway and Michael Whitesides share a laugh as one of their young baseball charges prepares to blast one out to the outfield at the team’s skill drills last week.

CHS baseball team gets in skill drills before practices start in earnest


Well, folks. It’s that time again; the time all you Cherryville Ironmen baseball fans have been earnestly waiting for – time for the CHS Ironmen “Boys of Summer” – well… spring, really – to get out on the John L. “Buck” Fraley Field and take to the mound smack dab in the middle of the big green and brown diamond-shaped spot of local baseball heaven in anticipation of another stellar year of Ironmen baseball!
That said, on Wednesday, Feb. 8, head baseball coach Scott Heavner, along with a few of his assistant coaches and a smattering of players, came out onto Fraley Field, braving the cool weather in order to get in a couple of skill drills prior to them being able to start official practices.
Coach Heavner said he expected to see a number of familiar faces when the season starts up in earnest this month, along with a good crew of newer young men who are coming out to play baseball for him for their first time in high school. Heavner also noted they have been out doing a few of these skill sets earlier in anticipation of the season’s start of actual practice and this was just one of many the young men have been at.
There are still a few players Coach Heavner had from last season who are still playing basketball. They will come to play and practice, he noted, when that sport’s season is finished and they have done what is needed of them there.
Heavner had a couple of his assistants on the field with him: AC Seth Freeman, AC Michael Whitesides, and a new, but familiar face, AC Austin Treadway.
Screen shot 2023 02 07 at 2.34.57 pm
Prior to the start of the men’s game last Friday night, Coach Scott Harrill has a pep talk with his men. The HT/CHS home game was the last regular season home game for the man, the myth, the legend: Coach Scott Harrill – who retires after 24 years as the Ironmen’s head roundball coach!

CHS Ironmen hoops teams regular season winding down

One game left before conference tournament; playoffs


The Ironmen basketball teams had two games last week as their 2022-2023 regular season came to a close. The games were home games against the Burns Bulldogs (Tuesday, Jan. 31,) and against the Highland Tech Rams (Friday, Feb. 3). The week also saw the last regular season home game for retiring head men’s coach, Scott Harrill, whose 24-year career has brought many great memories to the Ironmen family of sportsmen and women.
The Junior Varsity squad won both of their games against their respective teams, beating Burns’ JV team by a score of 61-60, and the HT Rams’ JV team by a score of 41-40.
Against Burn’s
The Lady Ironmen faced the Lady Bulldogs of Burns on Tuesday night, Jan. 31, and lost their game by a score of 46-39. High scorer for the CHS ladies was Gabbie McCorkle with 21 points. She was the only player in double digits in this one. Laila Davis and Krista Davis both 4 points apiece, followed by Raylei Gidney and Kate Bookout with 3 points apiece. Regan Hovis and Ceniya Powell had 2 points apiece to round out the score in this one.
For the varsity men, it was a loss on their home court at Nixon Gym as the Bulldogs won, 69-57 over the CHS men.
High scorers for the Ironmen were Darrien Floyd (17), Landon Hahn (14), and Numarius Good (12). Carson Kelly had 9 points and Nate Bookout had 5 points.
Against Highland Tech
On Friday, Feb. 3, the Ironmen hoops teams took on the Rams of Highland Tech.
The Lady Ironmen took the court after the JV team downed the Rams JV squad, as noted earlier, and were only down by 2 points at the half (13-15), but when play resumed the Lady Rams went on a romp and the game ended with the CHS ladies falling to the HT ladies 34-26.
High scorers for the Lady Ironmen in this one were Gabbie McCorkle (8 pts.), Kate Bookout and Krista Davis (5 points apiece), Raylei Gidney (4 pts.), and Emily Allen and Evionna McDowell, each with 2 points.
The varsity men fared somewhat better but were in a fight as the Rams were only behind by 5 points at the half (30-25). Fortunately, the Ironmen came back after the half and got the win by a score of 62-48. Four Ironmen were in double figures: Carson Kelly (18 pts.), Landon Hahn (15 pts.), Numarius Good (12 pts.), and Darrien Floyd (10 pts.) Nate Bookout score 3 points and Chance Hunt and Rayshawn Sewell each scored two points.
The Ironmen will travel to Thomas Jefferson to play the Gryphons on Friday, Feb. 10, then will start their conference and sectional play the following week.
(Additional information and stats by Susan L. Powell)
Screen shot 2023 01 31 at 2.37.32 pm
Junior varsity head coach Antonio Griggs gives his men a pep talk and more instructions on their way to their win over the BCHS JV Yellow Jackets.

Cherryville Ironmen varsity men beat BCHS ’Jackets, currently 10-10 overall


The CHS Ironmen basketball teams traveled to Shelby to battle the Golden Lions on Tuesday, Jan. 24, then away again against rivals Bessemer City on Friday, Jan. 27, on their way to finishing out the month of January. Their last January game was Tuesday, Jan. 31, against the Burns Bulldogs, played at Nixon Gym. Senior Night is Friday, Feb. 3 as they play Highland Tech at Nixon, with the last game of the 2023 regular season schedule being an away game at the Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy Gryphons on Friday, Feb. 10.
Against Shelby
In this away conference game against the Golden Lions of Shelby, the Ironmen varsity men lost 75-57, while the Lady Ironmen lost by a score of 65-21 to the Lady Lions.
Against BCHS
The CHS Ironmen basketball teams traveled again on Friday, Jan. 27, to take on the Bessemer City Yellow Jackets teams in conference matchups that saw the Ironmen JV and varsity men get wins over their rivals. The Lady Ironmen, in spite of a valiant battle on the court were unable to control the Lady ’Jackets, who won their game 71-27.
Taking the court first on the night were Coach Antonio Griggs’ young JV squad. The easily handled a poorly shooting ’Jackets JV squad, downing them by a score of 68-57.
The Lady Ironmen came out after them and found themselves overmatched by a fast and accurate Lady Jackets team of aggressive, hot-handed shooters.
The Lady Ironmen were led in this one by Gabbie McCorkle (8 pts.), Krista Davis (6 pts.) and Kate Bookout (5 pts.). Rounding out the points for the ladies were Laila Davis, Regan Hovis, and Raylei Gidney, with two points apiece.
The men’s varsity Ironmen crew came onto the court after the ladies’ game and, in an overtime battle with a Yellowjackets squad that did not want to admit defeat, managed to get the win against their cross-county rivals by a score of 83-78.
The Ironmen were led in scoring by senior Numarius Good who scored a whopping 30 points for the night!
He was trailed by Carson Kelly (18 pts.) and Landon Hahn (14 pts.) and Nate Bookout (11 pts.). These were the only Ironmen to score in double figures against the highly-touted BCHS team. Darrien Floyd, who fouled out, scored 8 points and Chance Hunt scored two (2) points.
As noted earlier, the Ironmen played Burns at home on Tuesday, Jan. 31, and will be home on Friday, Feb. 3, taking on Highland Tech. That date is also Senior Night for the Ironmen teams.
The last game on the schedule is Friday, Feb. 10, and is an away game at Thomas Jefferson. February 13-17 is the conference tournament (places/venues TBD).
(Additional information and stats by Susan L. Powell)
Screen shot 2023 01 24 at 1.37.09 pm
Gabbie McCorkle, of the CHS Lady Ironmen puts up her shot as the Lady Warriors player watches.

CHS Ironmen hoops men currently 9-9 overall; 2-5 in SPC 1A/2A

Ladies are currently 3-15 overall and
0-7 in 1A/2A play


The CHS Ironmen hoops teams played three games last week losing winning three and losing three. The teams they faced were: the East Gaston Warriors (conference); the Pinnacle Classical Academy Eagles (non-conference); and the Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy Gryphons (conference).

Against East Gaston
The Warriors teams came to Nixon Gym on Tuesday, Jan. 17 and played the Ironmen. Of the three CHS teams that played that day, the JV’s were the only team to win their matchup (47-39),
The CHS Lady Ironmen game followed and the ladies fought a good fight against the Lady Warriors but still lost by a score of 37-53. The only Lady Ironman in double figures in this one was Raylei Gidney, with 10 points. Gabbie McCorkle scored 9 points; Krista Davis scored 8 points; and Laila Davis and Evionna McDowell had 4 points apiece. Emily Allen had 2 points.
The varsity men came onto the Bud Black Court and battled the Warriors men’s team, losing to them by a score of 64-76. High scorers for Coach Harrill’s men in this one were Carson Kelly (17 pts.); Darrien Floyd (15 pts.); Landon Hahn (12 pts.); and Numarius Good (10 pts.). Nate Bookout had 8 points and Andron Patterson made 2 points.

Against Pinnacle
Classical Academy
The Pinnacle Classical Academy Eagles visited Nixon Gym on Wednesday, Jan. 18, for a non-conference matchup but lost both of their varsity games to the Ironmen roundball teams.
Coach Carrie Dalton said her ladies triumphed over the Lady Eagle by a score of 48-28.
The Ironmen varsity boys clipped the Eagles’ wings by a score of 92-59.

Against Thomas
Jefferson Classical Academy
The Gryphons of Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy came to Nixon Gym on Friday, Jan. 20, and played the Ironmen varsity teams.
In the girl’s game, the Lady Ironmen lost to the Lady Gryphons by a score of 42-55. Scoring in double figures for the CHS ladies were senior Gabbie McCorkle (18 points) and Krista Davis (10 points). Raylei Gidney and Evionna McDowell each scored 4 points apiece, with Emily Allen getting 3 points. Rounding out the ladies’ score were Laila Davis with 2 points and Ceniya Powell with one point.
The CHS men took to the court against the TJCA Gryphons and soundly defeated them by a score of 81-46.
Coach Harrill had three players in double digits with Carson Kelly scoring 24 points (18 points off of three-point shots alone!); Numarius Good with 14; and Landon Hahn with 10 points. They were followed by Darrien Floyd with 7 points; Rayshawn Sewell and Ethan Honeyman with 6 points apiece; Nate Bookout with 5 points and Steven Brown with 5 points.
The Ironmen will be away this week at Shelby and BCHS.
The men are currently 9-9 overall and 2-5 in SPC 1A/2A play, and the ladies are currently 3-15 overall and 0-7 in 1A/2A play
(Additional info and stats by Susan L. Powell)
Screen shot 2023 01 17 at 2.27.44 pm
Screen shot 2023 01 17 at 2.25.50 pm
Chase Miller, a CHS Ironmen senior wrestler, was named a Career Win Leader on Dec. 23, 2022, with 130 wins under his belt. Standing inside the Shelby HS Golden Lions school gym, he proudly displays his photos and poster of the event. (Photo provided)

Ironmen grapplers pick up a couple of wins in last week’s match

They took on East Gaston; Davie County grapplers at CHS’ gym

The CHS Ironmen wrestlers faced off last week at CHS Gym against wrestlers from East Gaston and Davie County. Head wrestling coach Matt Powers said he was glad his men made a good showing against the visiting teams, picking up wins from veteran Ironmen grapplers Chase Miller, Kam Bolin, Tobias Miller and Caleb Hovis, among others.
Miller, a senior, was named the Career Win Leader on Dec. 23, 2022, with 130 wins under his belt. Bolin got his 100th Career Win as well.
Screen shot 2023 01 10 at 2.18.49 pm
CHS Ironman player Carson Kelly made it into the elite 1,000 Points Club of Ironmen “shooters” in this game as he amassed his 1,000th point of his CHS basketball career. Coach Harrill gave him the game ball at that poin

Ironmen basketball squads have back-to-back losses

Boys are currently 4-8 overall; girls are currently 2-11 overall


The Holiday Classic is over, and now it’s back to regularly scheduled basketball as the Ironmen teams look to pick up some wins as the season moves on.
Such was not to be however, as the CHS Ironmen basketball men and women lost two recent matches to the East Gaston Warriors (away) and to their rivals, the BCHS Yellow Jackets (at Nixon Gym).
Against East Gaston
On Wednesday, Jan. 4, the Ironmen traveled to Mt. Holly to play the East Gaston Warriors. The Lady Ironmen lost their game to the Lady Warriors by a score of 47-46. High scorer for the ladies in this one was Gabbie McCorkle, with 26 points, followed by Krista Davis with seven (7) points.
Emily Allen had three (3) points, and Evionna McDowell, Kate Bookout, and Layla Davis each scored two (2) points apiece.
The varsity boys’ team fared little better as the Warriors handed the CHS men an 85-54 defeat.
 Against Bessemer City
The BCHS Yellow Jackets hoops teams traveled to Cherryville on Friday, Jan. 6 to take on the CHS Ironmen basketball squads. Both Yellow Jackets teams came out winners in these matchups as the Lady YJ’s bashed the Lady Ironmen 66-18 while the varsity YJ men took a 20-point win over the CHS men, 76-56, to hand the CHS men another loss at home.
High scorers for the Lady Ironmen were Gabbie McCorkle, with 12 points. Newcomer Raylei Gidney scored four points for the ladies, while Krista Davis had two (2) points.
In varsity men’s action, the Ironmen’s highest scorer was Carson Kelly with 18 points, followed by Numarius Good and Darrien Floyd, each with 10 points. Kelly made it into the elite 1,000 Points Club of Ironmen “shooters” in this game as he amassed his 1,000th point of his CHS basketball career. Coach Harrill gave him the game ball at that point.
Nate Bookout had 9 points and Chance Hunt had 3 points while Ironmen players Rayshawn Sewell, Hunter Jackson, and Adrian Patterson had two (2) points apiece.
The Lady Ironmen are currently 2-11 overall and 0-4 in SPC 1A/2A play and the Ironmen varsity boys are 4-8 overall and 04 in SPC 1A/2A play.
The Ironmen basketball teams played Highland Tech at Highland Tech on Tuesday, Jan. 10, and are set to play Pinnacle at Pinnacle on Wednesday, Jan. 11. All varsity games are scheduled to begin at 6  p.m.
(Additional stats and information by Susan L. Powell)
Screen shot 2023 01 03 at 2.38.59 pm
Dr. Bud Black presents three CHS Lady Ironmen players their All-Tournament plaques. They are: Gabbie McCorkle, Krista Davis, and Kate Bookout.

Ironmen hoopsters have great
Holiday Classic first round wins, but…

…No “W’s” for either team in second day of 2022 tournament


The 2022 Bud Black/Dennis Tate Holiday Classic – billed as “The Small High School Basketball Tourney Since 1981” was played over a two-day period last week at CHS’ Nixon Gym as the Ironmen and Lady Ironmen hoops teams hosted Piedmont Charter’s basketball teams; Highland Tech’s Lady Rams; the tough Burns Bulldogs men’s team; and Pinnacle Classical Academy’s Eagles and Lady Eagles teams. While the Ironmen teams both fared well on the first day of the Classic (Tuesday, Dec. 27), with each of the CHS teams winning against their respective foes, Wednesday’s (Dec. 28) championship bouts were another matter altogether.

Tuesday – Dec. 27, 2022
In the first game of the day in this Holiday Classic matchup, the Piedmont Charter Lady Patriots lost 49 to 53 to the tough and focused shooting of the Highland Tech Lady Rams.
Later that night, the Pinnacle Classic Academy Lady Eagle’s team lost to the CHS Lady Ironmen by a score of 42-30. It was the CHS ladies’ second win of the 2022 hoops season.
High scorer for the Lady Ironmen in the win was Gabbie McCorkle with 20 points. Kate Bookout had 6 points; Rayleigh Gidney had 4; Krista Davis 3; and four players had 4 points apiece.
Next up in that day’s games was the matchup between the Burns varsity Bulldogs, who played the Piedmont Charter Patriots men’s team, defeating that team by a score of 65 to 59.
In the following Tuesday men’s hoops action pitting the CHS Ironmen against the Pinnacle CA Eagles, the Ironmen won by a score of 74-32.
High scorer for the Ironmen in the win was Carson Kelly with 19 points. Numarius Good had 13 points; Hunter Jackson had 8; with numerous players getting 6, 4, and 2 points apiece to add to the win.

Wednesday – Dec. 28, 2022
In the consolation games for the ladies’ teams, the Piedmont Charter Lady Patriots defeated the Lady Eagles of Pinnacle Classic Academy, 60-41.
In the boys’ consolation game, the Pinnacle CA men defeated Piedmont by a score of 84-48.
The two championship games played in the Holiday Classic later that night were between the Lady Rams of Highland Tech and the CHS Lady Ironmen. The Lady Rams took this one by a score of 48-22.
High scorer for the CHS ladies in the loss was Gabbie McCorkle, who had 13 points.
In the men’s championship game that followed the ladies’ game, the CHS Ironmen lost to the hard-charging, couldn’t-seem-to-miss Burns Bulldogs by a score of 76-52.
High scorers in this matchup for the CHS men was Darrien Floyd with 20 points, followed by Numarius Good with 11 points and Carson Kelly with 10 points. Chance Hunt had 5 points with Nate Bookout, Rayshawn Sewell, and Hunter Jackson scoring the remainder of the points.
Most Valuable Player (Girls) went to HT’s Akela Taylor. All-Tournament Girls were: Bailey Maiers, Addie McCraw, Reese Thomas, and Emma Ghorley – Highland Tech; Kate Bookout, Krista Davis, and Gabbie McCorkle – Cherryville; Cydney Self – Pinnacle Classical Academy; and Grace East and Lyric Brown – Piedmont Charter.
Most Valuable Player (Boys) went to Burns’ Carlo Wallace. All-Tournament Boys were: Jeremiah Norris, Lemont Wilson, Ryan Thompson, and Johnny Johnson – Burns; Carson Kelly, Numarius Good, and Darrien Floyd – Cherryville; Jordan Jones and Xavier Wilcher – Piedmont Charter; and Cody Humphries – Pinnacle Classical Academy.
(Additional information and stats by Susan L. Powell and Dr. Bud Black)
Screen shot 2022 12 27 at 1.30.35 pm
At their presentation of their 2022 Track championship rings on Dec. 16 are (L to R): Head coach Justin Willyoung; Jackson Owens, Jack Mulvey, Yandell Lazala, Cooper Sloan, Mason Grindtaff’s father, Howard and assistant coach Houston Gilmore.

CHS Ironmen Track champs get
state championship rings on Dec. 16


The 2022 CHS Ironmen Track championship 4x400 meter state champs received their state championship rings on Friday, Dec. 16 at a half-time ceremony at Nixon Gym during the Ironmen basketball game.
Athletic Director Scott Harrill and head track coach Justin Willyoung handed out the ornate rings to the following young men who brought honor and glory to the 2022 CHS Track men’s team: Jackson Owens, Cooper Sloan, Jack Mulvey, Mason Grindstaff, and Yandel Lazala. Grindstaff was unable to be there due to his serving his country as a United States Marine, but the ring was accepted by his father.
Coach Willyoung noted these five amazing young men “…were the nucleus for a team that made school history multiple times last year.” Coach Willyoung added, “This was a once-in-a-generation group of young men that banded together and made history multiple times this past season.”
It was noted that Owens is attending Lenoir-Rhyne for pre-med and is involved in their track and field program. Sloan is attending Defiance College for Exercise Science and is playing football. Lastly, Lazala is currently a senior at CHS and is returning with his eyes on another state championship.
Screen shot 2022 12 20 at 3.14.35 pm
Ironmen shooter Darrien Floyd goes around the Stuart Cramer Storm defender in order to make a basket. See more photos on page 9.

Varsity Ironmen currently 4-4 overall; 0-1 in SPC 1A/2A play

Black/Tate Holiday Classic scheduled
for Dec. 27-28


The CHS Ironmen varsity basketball men are currently 4-4 overall and 0-1 in SPC 1A/2A play at roughly the mid-point in their 2022-2023 hoops season, with the bulk of their conference games looming ahead of them.

Against Stuart Cramer
Last week they took on the Storm of Stuart Cramer in a non-conference matchup which saw the Lady Storm hand the Lady Ironmen a 55-13 loss. The Lady Storm held the CHS ladies’ leading scorer – Gabbie McCorkle – to just five points in the game. However, Emily Allen came through for Coach Carrie Dalton and scored 7 points in the game. The remaining point scored for the ladies in this one was from Krista Davis.
The varsity men’s game went to overtime as the CHS men battled the larger school, fighting hard and forcing the game into overtime at 61-all at the end of fourth quarter play. The final score in the Tuesday, Dec. 13 game was 74-68 in favor of the visiting Storm.
Landon Hahn was the leading scorer for Coach Scott Harrill’s men in this one with 20 points, followed by Numarius Good and Darrien Floyd, who each score 15 points. Carson Kelly scored 14 points; 12 of which were shot from three-point land. Ethan Honeyman scored four points for the Ironmen.
The CHS JV squad lost to the JV Storm team by a score of 46-43.

Against Shelby
The Shelby HS Golden Lions roared into town last Friday night, Dec. 16, and clobbered the CHS varsity teams. The only win any CHS team got that night was JV squad’s 47-38 win over the JV Golden Lions before the varsity teams took to the Bud Black Court at Nixon Gym.
The Lady Golden Lions defeated the hard-fighting, CHS ladies by a score of 71-18, giving the Lady Ironmen their fourth consecutive loss of the season.
The highest scorers for the ladies in this one were Gabbie McCorkle, with 7 points, one of which was a three-pointer; and Laila Davis, with 5 points. Other shooters for the ladies were Kate Bookout and Krista Davis, with 2 points apiece, and Regan Hovis and Emily Allen with one point apiece.
In the men’s game, the varsity Ironmen lost a hard-fought game against the Golden Lions visitors by a score of 69-46, giving Coach Harrill’s group of shooters their third loss in a row this season.
Only two Ironmen made into double digits in this matchup – senior Numarius Good, with 21 points, and Darrien Floyd, with 11 points. Other scorers for the Ironmen varsity men were: Carson Kelly (6 points); Chance Hunt (4 points); Rayshawn Sewell (3 points); and  Ethan Honeyman, with one point.
The Ironmen played the Burns Bulldogs on Tuesday, Dec. 20 before playing in the Bud Black/Dennis Tate Holiday Classic, which is held Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 27 and 28, after the Christmas holiday.
The New Year, 2023, will see the Ironmen teams playing on Wednesday, Jan, 4, 2023 at East Gaston, then they will play their first home game of the New Year on Friday, Jan. 6, against rival Bessemer City. Both of these games continue the CHS teams’ conference matchup schedule, which ends on Feb. 10 against Thomas Jefferson’ Gryphons at TJCA.

(Additional information/stats by Susan L. Powell)
Screen shot 2022 12 14 at 12.58.08 pm
Evionna McDowell tips the ball back to her fellow Lady Ironmen at the start of action against the CHASE Lady Trojans on Dec. 5. (photos by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)

Ironmen varsity men “hoops” teams currently 4-2 after loss to West Lincoln Rebels


Against CHASE
The CHS Ironmen basketball teams played a couple of home non-conference games last week and won over visiting CHASE High School at Nixon Gym.
The Lady Ironmen, coached by Carrie Dalton and Callie Hahn, defeated the visiting Lady Trojans on Monday, Dec. 5 by a score of 39-19.  The leading scorer in this matchup for the CHS ladies was Gabbie McCorkle with 13 points, followed by Raylei Gidney, with 12 points. Emily Allen scored six points and Krista Davis scored four points. Regan Hovis and Skye Taylor each scored two points apiece for the Lady Ironmen.
In varsity men’s court action, Coach Scott Harrill’s Ironmen defeated the Trojans by a score of 70-53, in Nixon Gym action following the girls’ win.
The leading scorers for the men in this one were seniors Carson Kelly (#0) with 29 points, and Landon Hahn (#1), with 15. Darrien Floyd had 10  points and Numarius Good had eight (8) points against the Trojans.
Others scoring were Ethan Honeyman with four (4) points and Nate Bookout, with two (2) points.

Against Fred T. Foard
In a Tuesday, Dec. 6 away non-conference game, the CHS Ironmen varsity men beat the Fred T. Foard Tigers 70-64 at Newton. In a game played before the men’s game, the CHS Lady Ironmen were defeated by the Fred T. Foard Lady Tigers by a score of 62-17.

Against West Lincoln
The CHS Ironmen basketball teams traveled on Friday, Dec. 9, to play nearby rivals, the West Lincoln Rebels, in another non-conference game.
Also, on Friday, Dec. 9, the CHS ladies lost to the Lady Rebels by a score of 59-31. The men lost to the Rebel varsity men by a score of 82-75.
According to the web site, MaxPreps, the CHS varsity men are currently 4-2 overall, and 0-0 in conference play, which has yet to start. The CHS girls are now 1-5, 0-0; having lost to the Lady Rebels 59-31, last Friday night.
(Additional information by Susan L. Powell)
Screen shot 2022 12 06 at 1.48.55 pm
CHS senior Landon Hahn takes a free throw shot.

CHS hoops men are currently 2-1 overall as winter sports season starts


Head Ironmen basketball coach Scott Harrill said the men “…started out the season at a very tough 3A Stuart Cramer team.”
He continued, “The Ironmen could not overcome the strength and size of a much larger (Stuart) Cramer team and lost in their matchup last week. Harrill noted senior Carson Kelly led the way with 21 points, while Darrien Floyd had 11 points and 15 rebounds.
In Lady Ironmen court action at SCHS, the ladies lost 69-36 to the Lady Storm.
However, noted Coach Harrill, the Ironmen “rebounded quickly”, traveling to and taking on, the 2A CHASE High School Trojans, coming away with a 88-83 overtime victory.
“(Senior) Landon Hahn led the Ironmen with 21 points including two big three-pointers in overtime,” said Coach Harrill. “Carson (Kelly) had 21 points as well and was closely guarded after knocking down three-pointers in the first quarter.”
Coach said the Ironmen had a lot of fight in them as they were up against a much taller CHASE team.
“(Darrien) Floyd had 16 points and 15 rebounds to do all he could in the paint against the large 6’7” CHASE big man.  “Numerius Good took care of the ball from the point guard position and had nine points and seven assists,” said Coach Harrill, who added, “Nate Bookout came in and gave the Ironmen a big energy lift.”
Bookout had 11 points and six rebounds, said Harrill.
Coach Harrill said, “I am proud of how hard the men play. They are undersized most every game but they play so fast and hard to make up for it. Effort and energy will be a big part of our season.”
The Lady Ironmen played a hard game against the CHASE Lady Trojans and almost got a win, but the Lady Trojans eked a 42-40 win at the last buzzer.
The CHS varsity hoops teams played at home in Nixon Gym against the West Lincoln Rebels on Friday, Dec. 2.
The Lady Ironmen lost to the Lady Rebels of West Lincoln 62-40. The CHS ladies had a number of players who scored and played hard in this non-conference battle.
The CHS Ironmen are currently 2-1 overall, 0-0 in SPC 1A/2A play, while the ladies are 0-3 overall and 0-0 in SPC 1A/2A play.
The Ironmen teams played CHASE at Nixon Gym on Monday, Dec. 5, but were away at Fred Foard on Tuesday, Dec. 6. They will also be on the road on Friday, Dec. 9, at West Lincoln for a rematch with the host Rebels. Games always start at 4:30 (JV), unless otherwise noted on the sports calendar or on the Ironmen’s web site.
(Additional information and stats by Susan L. Powell) 
Screen shot 2022 11 30 at 7.57.00 am
Landon Hahn, posing with his mom and dad, David and Callie Hahn, as they all hold a Belmont Abbey Crusaders pennant. (photos by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)

CHS’ Landon Hahn to play baseball for Belmont Abbey Crusaders


Cherryville High School three-sport phenom Landon Hahn signed a letter of intent last week to play baseball for the Crusaders of Belmont Abbey.
Hahn, equally at home on a football field or a basketball court, penned his name to a paper indicating his desire to play for the Division II, Conference Carolinas Crusaders.
Hahn, surrounded by his family and a host of friends, coaches, and well-wishers, sat at a table in the CHS library, where countless other Ironmen athletes have penned their names onto similar LOIs in the past, joining the Ironmen sports history books as one of the young men and women destined to make a name for themselves and bring honor and glory to the small town and school they have called home for so many years.
Landon has been a driving force on and off the field for the Ironmen squads with whom he has played as well as the Post 100 American Legion teams for whom he has played.
The normally chatty and exuberant Hahn was all smiles but a man of few words when asked the standard journalistic question of “how does it feel” to be signing to play at that next level of baseball.
“It feels great and amazing! I’m just going to go and compete and see how far I can get,” said the youngster, who wants to major in sports management while at the Abbey.
CHS Athletic Director Scott Harrill, who also coaches Landon on the basketball court, said, “Landon is a true competitor who gives who gives his all in everything he does. I appreciate that he lives out his faith around his peers.”
Hahn’s baseball coach, Scott Heavner, said of him, “Landon is, for a coach; well… he’s what you’re looking for. He’s got the energy, the competiveness, the desire to play… he’s the whole package! He is a kid who plays at his highest level. Landon, for us, has always been that guy!”
Heavner continued, “He refuses to accept mediocrity. He wants the best for himself; for his team to be the best. He is pretty special for that reason. He’s also a great kid, in and out of the classroom and is very involved in his church (Anthony Grove Baptist Church). He brings out the best in people; in the classrooms; everywhere! It is a tremendous honor and a privilege to coach him.”
Landon’s Post 100 head baseball coach Bobby Dale Reynolds said, “This is well deserved for Landon. He is a very good athlete. I don’t think he has reached his potential yet; that’s at another stage and that’s coming. His best days are ahead of him and I believe baseball is the right direction for him. He is a good leader; loves to play the game of baseball; and I feel this is another step in his career.”
Last, but certainly not least, Landon’s mom, Callie, said, “We are so proud he has set high goals for himself. He has done that since he was little. It’s exciting to watch what God’s got in store for him.”
Dad, David, agreed, adding, “We couldn’t be more proud of him, and we’re excited to see what God has in store for him!”
Christian smiled and said simply, “I am very proud of him and for him.”
Screen shot 2022 11 22 at 4.07.23 pm
Alan Lindsey throws a pitch during his Gaston College career. (photo provided).

GASTON COLLEGE RECORD BOOK: Baseball’s first and only draft pick was a local strikeout legend – Alan Lindsay

Gaston College Sports Information Specialist

When Alan Lindsay came to play baseball at Gaston College, he was already a local legend for Cherryville’s Junior and Senior High and American Legion Post 100 baseball teams.
By the time his career ended at Gaston College after the 1971 season, Lindsay set history that remains today as the school's only player to be drafted by a major league franchise.
When he played professionally in 1972, he also became the first Gaston College product to play professional baseball.
The story of how he turned down professional baseball twice before signing a free agent contract shows the uncertainty that existed in the country during the Vietnam War era.
A 6-foot-4, 215-pound left-handed pitcher, Lindsay’s pitching performances in high school, during American Legion baseball and at Gaston College were events if for no other reason than major league scouts frequently attended those contests.
Those scouts wanted to find out how more about Lindsay’s proficiency to strike out so many hitters.
Before coming to Gaston College, Lindsay racked up 725 strikeouts in 428 2-3 innings for Cherryville teams dating back to Junior High. He also had two 21-strikeout games in Legion baseball – once each in the 1968 and 1969 seasons.
After going 11-2 with 169 strikeouts in 80 2-3 innings for Cherryville High in his senior year of 1969, the Chicago White Sox drafted Lindsay in the 24th round of the June major league draft.
Lindsay forsook the pros to sign with Gaston College though he was drafted again by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 9th round of the January 1970 second phase major league draft – or before he’d ever thrown an official pitch for Gaston College.
Back then, the U.S. military involvement in the Vietnam War created issues for Lindsay that made his decision complicated.
“Looking back on it now, I should’ve went with the Pirates,” Lindsay said. “I was really stuck with the Vietnam War going on. I knew that I got a one-year deferment if I was playing pro ball but I didn’t know what would happen after that year had ended.
“I didn’t go and didn’t take a chance at the time.”
Instead, Lindsay and former high school rivals Rocky Goforth (Kings Mountain), Searly Lowery (Kings Mountain) and John Colvard (Lincolnton) formed a formidable pitching staff for Gaston College coach Dean Burroughs’ 1970 N.C. Community College Conference championship team.
Lindsay had a 3-2 record with 56 strikeouts in 34 innings highlighted by 2-hitter in a 4-2 win over Sandhills Community College that wrapped up the Warriors’ second of four straight league championships.
The following year in 1971, Lindsay was even better with a 7-2 overall record and 100 strikeouts in 56 innings highlighted by a near no-hitter in a 13-0 victory over Surry Community College and a school-record 19 strikeouts in a 2-hit 7-0 shutout at Lenoir Community College that completed an unbeaten, 11-0 NCCC season.
The school-record 156 career strikeouts gave Lindsay a staggering 881 strikeouts in 518 2-3 innings in local baseball games covering six springs and summers from 1965 to 1971.
"I always had a good time and we had good teams," Lindsay said of career.
He considered the Gaston College near no-hitter a career highlight; He has thrown 6 2-3 no-hit innings and had two strikes on the batter when a bloop single in shallow right field ended up being the only hit he allowed that day.
“I made a bad pitch is what I would say,” Lindsay said.
Once his Gaston College career ended, Lindsay still longed to give professional baseball a shot.
In the late winter of 1972, he did tryouts for the Minnesota Twins in Orlando, Fla., and the Houston Astros in Cocoa, Fla.
“It was about three days before spring training camp started and my dad and I went down there,” Lindsay said. “We warmed up on the side. I actually had stopped in Orlando first to talk to the Twins. They said they didn’t need anybody at the time but Houston called and told us to go to Cocoa where the Astros trained.
“I went down there and tried out and they said, ‘Go back to where you’re staying and we'll give you a call.’ They called, had a fair contract and I signed it.”
In eight appearances (three starts) for the Astros’ Florida Rookie League team in 1972, Lindsay had a 2-1 record and 4.00 ERA. But the Astros didn’t renew his contract and he returned to Gaston County where he played semipro baseball and began a career as a truck driver.
He now lives in rural Cleveland County with his wife Beke, a longtime teacher.
Lindsay said he’s happy to hear that Gaston College had restarted athletics that included a baseball team that won a league championship during the 2021-22 school year.
“Baseball’s always been big around here so I’m sure they’ll be able to attract some good players,” Lindsay said. “It’s good to know they have a team again.”
Screen shot 2022 11 22 at 4.06.25 pm
Screen shot 2022 11 15 at 2.52.57 pm

CHS senior setter led the team with 71 serve aces, 501 assists, and 208 defensive digs

CHS’ Rileigh Kiser named All-Conference for the fourth time


According to a recent media release, CHS Lady Ironmen volleyball Coach Leigh Kiser announced that, “…after a successful ending to the high school volleyball season,” her Southern Piedmont 1A/2A All-Conference member is senior setter, Rileigh Kiser.
Said Coach Kiser, “Rileigh has been selected for the All-Conference team after helping her Cherryville teammates to a season record of 13-10.”
She continued, “Rileigh is just the second volleyball player in school history to be named All-Conference four times.”
Coach Kiser said that, “…for the season, Rileigh led the team with 71 serve aces, 501 assists, and 208 defensive digs. She also contributed 94 kills and 13 blocks.”
Coach Kiser said that she was “really proud” of Rilegh’s season, adding “…it will be hard to replace a four-time All-Conference performer.”
Thanks to the efforts by young Kiser and her outstanding teammates, the 2022 CHS Lady Ironmen spikers ended their season with a 13-10 season record and, as Coach Kiser noted proudly, “We had the first winning season for the volleyball team in six seasons!” 
Screen shot 2022 11 15 at 2.54.42 pm
Screen shot 2022 11 08 at 1.26.29 pm
CHS Ironmen senior soccer men, Will Allen, Steven Brown, JD Dattoli, Numarius Good, and Carson Kelly stand on their home pitch at Rudisill Stadium with their parents at Senior Night, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022. (photos by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)

With a playoff loss, CHS men’s soccer wraps up its 2022 season

Team break record for most soccer wins in school’s history


The CHS Ironmen soccer team had a great senior night on Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022 as they defeated their rivals, the BCHS Yellow Jackets 5-2 at Rudisill Stadium. It was the last night of their regular season.
Coach Michelle Cuomo said the win was the result of good teamwork, driven by play and effort of all members, especially the seniors.
Said Cuomo, “Carson Kelly had three goals, which was huge! Nate Bookout and Henry Gil followed up on that with one goal each.”
Coach said her men were 8-10 overall and 4-8 in the SPC 1A/2A Conference, finishing sixth in that conference.
The played Mt. Airy in the playoffs on Monday night, Oct. 31, losing to that team by a score of 8-0. Mt. Airy was the number two seed, with a 20-0 record, she noted, adding, “We gave it our best, but they were really good!”
Cuomo said “one positive” take-away from this season, among many, is the 2022 men’s soccer team broke the record for most wins in Cherryville High School soccer history, a fact of which they are very proud.
Screen shot 2022 11 08 at 1.30.00 pm
Screen shot 2022 11 01 at 1.46.53 pm
Led by #78 – Caleb Hovis, #6 – Kam Bolin, and #17 – Tobias Miller, the 2022 CHS Ironmen gridiron squad take the field last Friday night, Oct. 28, at Rudisill Stadium for their last regular season home game.

Ironmen 3-7 overall; will travel Nov. 4 to face #8 1A/2A seed Robbinsville

Team loses to BCHS to end their 2022 regular season


The 2022 CHS Ironmen football team ended their regular season at Rudisill Stadium last Friday night, Oct. 28, with a 10-28 loss to rival Bessemer City Yellow Jackets. With the win, the ’Jackets once again took control of the Belt, a token of the prowess of both of these 1A/2A teams which they have vied for over the years. For the last couple of seasons the Ironmen have been in control of the Belt, but thanks to this win, it will find a new home, for at least a year, at Bessemer City High School.
The Ironmen had a decent first quarter, with quarterback Chase Miller picking up 19 yards off of five carries, followed by Shamyr Moss carrying the ball for six yards. Kam Bolin also carried the ball but was unable to gain any yardage.
The second quarter saw the Ironmen get on the board first thanks to a 44-yard field goal by kicker Henry Gil, who drilled the uprights square on with 5:31 on the clock. The score was 3-0, Ironmen. The Yellow Jackets answered right back, scoring a TD, but they were unable to get the PAT, so the game was now 6-3, BCHS.
On the ensuing kick-off, receiver Landon Hahn ran the ball back 66 yards into ’Jackets territory, setting up a Kam Bolin 10-yard TD run with 52.5 seconds on the clock. The Gil PAT was good and the score was now 10-6, CHS. Bolin also carried the ball four times for 14 yards.
Half-time stats for the Ironmen were C. Miller, 9 carries for 38 yards; K. Bolin, 4 carries for 14 yards; and S. Moss, 3 carries for 7 yards. Miller completed 2 of 6 passes for 27 yards in the air. The Ironmen had a halftime yardage total of 89 yards.
The third and fourth quarters were predominately all Yellow Jackets action as the held on to win the game (and the Belt) by a score of 10-28, effectively ending the Ironmen’s 2022 regular season and the regular season of 16 gridiron seniors who played with heart and through injuries all year long.
A couple of fourth quarter highlights: an interception by Tobias Miller and a Tobias Miller reception for 10-yards off a pass by backup QB junior Josh Ward who came in and filled in nicely for Chase Miller, who had to come out of the game momentarily.
The 3-7 Ironmen were seeded #25 against the #8 seed, Robbinsville (7-3) for the Friday, Nov. 4, 2022 NCHSAA West 1A Football Playoffs, First Round pairings.
(Additional information and stats by Susan L. Powell and Danny Eaker)
Screen shot 2022 10 25 at 1.27.08 pm
The CHS Lady Ironmen cross-country team at the Tuesday, Oct. 4, Tryon meet. Left to right are: Cameryn Bell, Willow Chambers, Harleigh LaRoche, and Leilani Delano. (photos provided)

Cross-country Lady Ironmen have a great regular season

Bell is All-Conference for Cross Country ladies


Coach Scott Harrill, one of the coaches for the CHS Lady Ironmen cross-country team, said the ladies have had a great season.
“The Cherryville Lady Ironmen cross-country team ran in the Southern Piedmont Conference Championship on Tuesday, Oct. 18, at Shelby High School, he said.
“Cameryn Bell led the way with for the Lady Ironmen, running a very impressive 24:56 in her first year competing,” said Coach Harrill, adding, “Cameryn has been a great runner this year for us as a freshman. We are very proud of the way she competes and always pushes herself to get better.”
Harrill further noted, “Lailanni Delano had a PR for the championship meet, followed by Harliegh LaRoche. Willow Chambers rounded out the scoring for the cross-country team and also ran a personal best time. The ladies competed hard in every meet this season. It was a great finish to the year.”
Coach Harrill also said the All-Conference team was named and Cameryn Bell earned All-Conference honors in the Southern Piedmont 1A/2A conference.
The Regionals are scheduled for Monday, Oct. 30, at a place yet to be named.
Screen shot 2022 10 18 at 1.12.22 pm
Senior Gracie Truesdale is quick to answer volley for volley no matter who is the Lady Ironmen are playing.

Lady Ironmen spikers get Senior Night win against West Lincoln

End regular season 12-8 overall; 5-7 in SPC 1A/2A play


On Senior Night (Monday, Oct. 10), the CHS Lady Ironmen spikers won against the visiting West Lincoln Lady Rebels. Coach Kiser said the team honored five senior players before the match.
“Seniors honored were Gracie Truesdale, Adi Breese, Kaitlyn Newsome, Makayla Sigmon, and Rileigh Kiser,” she said, adding that it was an emotional day as they honored the seniors, but exciting that the home team won a hard fought match, 3-2. Match scores in this one were 25-22 (CHS), 25-13 (WL), 26-24 (WL), 25-23 (CHS), and 15-10 (CHS). Taylor Digh, with 6 serve aces and 9 digs, and Krista Davis, with 6 digs, led the defensive effort, said Kiser.
“Gracie Truesdale’s 5 kills, Carson Reed’s 5 kills and 3 blocks, and Emily Allen’s 8 kills led the offense,” she said, noting that senior setter, Rileigh Kiser had a big game with 7 aces, 25 assists, and 12 digs in the CHS victory.
Coach Kiser said this group of seniors helped lead her team back to the playoffs and will have the first winning season this year that the team has had in the last six years.
“This group will be greatly missed,” said Coach Kiser.
After an emotional game the ladies traveled to Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy for the last regular season match and won for the second day in a row with a complete victory by a 3-1 match score. Scores were 25-23 (CHS), 25-18 (CHS), 27-25 (TJCA), and 25-12 (CHS).
Coach Kiser noted this was her team’s best game of the year, “period!”
She continued, “We played great and (played) together,” adding that for the Lady Ironmen, Lexi McSwain and Carson Reed had 8 kills each. Emily Allen, with 12 kills and Rileigh Kiser’s 11 kills, led the offense. Senior Rileigh Kiser also set up her teammates with 31 assists, chipped in 6 aces and 8 digs.
“Emily (Allen) also had 5 serve aces, and Taylor (Digh) led the defense with 10 digs.” sai8d Coach Kiser, who added Krista Davis “…was good on the defensive side, with 7 digs also in the win.”
“We are playing really good right now,” said Kiser, whose team has won four out of the last five matches to end their regular season.
In JV action the junior Lady Ironmen lost a hard-fought match to West Lincoln’s JV ladies, 2-1. Kennedy Weathers (with 7 serve aces) led the JV Lady Ironmen. In the season finale at TJCA, the ladies lost by a 2-0 match score. The JV’s ended their regular season 4-15 overall, and 2-10 in conference play.
The varsity ladies’ (as of Oct. 11) regular season record is 12-8 overall, and 5-7 in the conference.
The ladies started conference play last Thursday in Round One of the conference tourney at Thomas Jefferson at 6 p.m.
(Stats and additional information by Brian Kiser)
Screen shot 2022 10 11 at 12.39.59 pm
Ironmen quarterback Chase Miller has called his own number and races through a hole in the Rams line on his way toward their end zone. (photos by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)

Pruitt’s Ironmen get 47-0 Homecoming win over HT Rams


The CHS Ironmen got a much-needed win last Friday night, Oct. 7, as they rolled over the visiting Highland Tech Rams for a 47-0 Homecoming Game victory.
Things started well in the first quarter of the first half as the Ironmen got on the scoreboard with a safety by Abram Avery with 5:06 on the clock, then quarterback Chase Miller got into the field zone on a QB keeper for a TD with 1:03 on the clock. The Henry Gil PAT was good and the Ironmen led 9-0.
In the second quarter (first half action again), Kam Bolin scooted 22 yards for a TD, with 9:31 on the clock. Gil’s point-after attempt was good and the score was 16-0, Ironmen.
The CHS defense did a great job in this half as they held the Rams to only a few yards gained and recovered a Rams fumble. Seeing a lot of running action and yardage gained in this quarter were Shamyr Moss (16 yards) and Chase Miller (14 yards), getting the Ironmen close enough for the strong leg of Henry Gil to bang the pigskin through the uprights from 18 yards out for a three-point add-on, making it 19-0, Ironmen, with 3:51 on the clock. Tanner Sisk caught a 12-yard Miller pass to end the half.
The third quarter started with a Sisk interception which put the Ironmen in good field position for Miller to captain the team downfield, culminating in a Moss six-yard TD run with 9:20 on the clock. With the Gil PAT being good, the CHS men were now up 26-0.
Collin Huss recovered a Rams fumble, caught a 10-yard pass from Miller, and later went into the end zone on a completed pass from Miller with 7:18 on the clock. The score was now 33-0 with no answer back from the Rams, who were giving it all they had in this matchup.
Another Rams fumble, recovered by sophomore Jordan Lowrance, brought about another IM TD. With the PAT by Gil streaking through the uprights, the Ironmen moved ahead smoothly, 40-0.
Just before the fourth quarter, Rayshawn Sewell intercepted a pass and ran it back 40-plus yards. This put the CHS gridiron squad in a great position and QB Miller took advantage of it to call his own number, bursting into the end zone from seven yards out, getting a TD (with 1:25 on the clock), giving the IM – with the Gil PAT – 47 unanswered points to no points scored by the outgunned, but not out of the game yet, Rams.
The Rams battled bravely and got close to a score on a few occasions but had to turn the ball over on downs in the fourth quarter. The Ironmen tacked a few more yards at that time, but for all intents and purposes, the game was over, with the Ironmen winning, 47-0 over the Highland Tech Rams.
The CHS men had 236 total yards on offense, 202 of which were on the ground; 18 first downs, and QB Miller completed 3 of 7 passes for 34 yards.
Miller carried the ball 10 times for 74 yards; Kam Bolin was 4 for 42; Shamyr Moss was 8 for 32; and Josh Ward was 3 for 34.
The Ironmen will travel to face the Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy Gryphons on Friday, Oct. 14. Game time is 7:30 p.m.
(Additional information/stats by Susan L. Powell and Danny Eaker)
Screen shot 2022 10 04 at 2.04.31 pm
The 2022 JCMS Lady Wolverines softball team and their coaches, excited after their win over W.C. Friday last month. (Eagle file photo)

JCMS Lady Wolverines softball team end regular season at 7-2

Team finishes in second place in Gaston County standings


Head coach Lance Bema said his John Chavis Middle School Lady Wolverines softball team ended their 2022 regular season at 7-2. They finished that season with two wins; one over Cramerton and the other over Grier, both finished in just three innings of play.
Those scores and stats are as follows:

Chavis 15 – Cramerton 0 (in 3 innings)
Coach Beam said the Chavis ladies defeated Cramerton on Thursday, Sept. 29, with pitcher Jenny Brown getting the win on the mound. Landry Beam, Kate Mulvey, Livi Harmon, Kate Throckmorton and Mary Upchurch had hits to lead the offense, he added.

Chavis 19 – Grier 3 (in 3 innings)
The Chavis Lady Wolverines softball team defeated Grier on Monday, Sept. 26, said Coach Beam, who noted the winning pitcher in this matchup was Grace Capps, who got the win on the mound striking out six (6) batters.
“Landry Beam, Maddie Avery and Hailey Vance had multiple hits to lead the offense,” said Coach Beam, who added, “Also contributing to the offense was Kate Mulvey, Livi Harmon, Kayla Throckmorton and Grace Capps with one hit apiece.”
Beam noted that, as the Number Two team in the county standings, the Chavis ladies were scheduled to play Stanley (the Number Three team) at 4:15 p.m. at the Ballard Park C.J. Thornburg Field, Chavis’ home field.
Screen shot 2022 09 27 at 1.32.26 pm
The 2022 CHS Ironmen Varsity football team – Landon Hahn (#1), Tanner Sisk (#2), Bryson Sigmon (#3), Josh Ward (#4), Abram Avery (#5), Kam Bolin (#6), Rayshawn Sewell (#7), Caleb Hovis (#8), Collin Huss (#9), Hunter Jackson (#10), Chase Miller (#11), Liam McIntyre (#17), Austin Clinton (#20), Marllon Gomez (#25), Shamyr Moss (#34), Bryson Huffman (#35), Caydin Wooten (#43), Elijah Gibson (#44), Henry Gil (#46), Ben Street (#50), Seth Kahler (#51), Justin Harris (#52), Justin Houser (#54), Cameron Lee (#56), Tobias Miller (#57), Jack Dellinger (#59), Gage Vernon (#60), Amir Starr (#61), Corey Alston (#65), Connor Hawkins (#68), Dawson Frady (#70), Jibri Starr (#71), Jordan Lowrance (#75), Tyler Foley (#77), and Noah Hollingsworth (#89). (Eagle/CF Media file photo by Michael E. Powell)

Ironmen gridders suffer third straight loss this season

2A East Gaston Warriors’ 38-0 win another hard blow to CHS team


The CHS Ironmen visited the East Gaston Warriors last Friday, Sept. 23, and suffered another heartbreaking defeat; this one a 38-0 romp at the hands of the 2A Warriors.
The loss was reminiscent of the previous two games in which the overmatched, injury-plagued Ironmen battled valiantly but couldn’t get on the board despite some shining examples of play by many of the young men.
The game was plagued by penalties from both teams, and it should be noted the Ironmen are missing some key players out due to the afore-mentioned injuries. It should also be noted the CHS men played well at the beginning of the game, yet the Warriors scored in the first quarter, going up 10-0. The Warriors scored two more TDs in the second quarter, and when the teams came back onto the field after half-time (it was the East Gaston’s Homecoming game), they scored one additional TD in the third and the fourth quarter.
Ironmen QB Chase Miller attempted 18 passes, completing 7 of them for a total of 100-plus yards on the night. Miller’s targets were Joshua Ward (three passes for a total of 53 yards); Collin Huss (three passes for a total of 41 yards); and Tanner Sisk (one pass for 10-yards).
In the ground attack for the Ironmen, Kam Bolin carried the ball six times, as did Ward and Shamyr Moss. The overall yards on the ground, due to the number of penalties called on the Ironmen, amounted to a great deal of negative yardage the youngsters tried to give their team in this battle.
The Ironmen have an open date next Friday, Sept. 30, and their next game is at home at Rudisill Stadium in their Homecoming 1A/2A conference matchup against the visiting Highland Tech Rams. The game starts at 7:30 p.m.
(Additional information by Danny Eaker)
Screen shot 2022 09 27 at 1.39.05 pm
Screen shot 2022 09 27 at 1.37.20 pm
Screen shot 2022 09 27 at 1.36.42 pm
Screen shot 2022 09 27 at 1.35.52 pm
Screen shot 2022 09 20 at 1.04.17 pm
Ironmen Caleb Hovis and Kam Bolin lead the way onto the field at last Friday night’s matchup against the visiting Shelby HS Golden Lions. (photos by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)

Shelby’s Golden Lions down CHS Ironmen 70-0 at Rudisill

Team is now 2-3 overall; 0-1 in conference play


On Little Ironmen Night, the CHS Ironmen prepared to welcome the little gridiron kids and cheerleaders to watch them take on the visiting Shelby High Golden Lions.
However, the game didn’t go as all hoped it might as the CHS football men gutted out a heart-wrenching 70-0 loss to an overwhelming Golden Lions air and ground game last Friday night (Sept. 16) at Rudisill Stadium.
Though the Ironmen are down a couple of players due to injuries; it is to be noted that Coach Pruitt’s team did make a number of good overall plays, what with Kam Bolin’s offensive activities  being good for eight carries, totaling 39 yards.
Next up in yardage on the ground was Tobias Miller, who racked up 15 yards, followed by big Shamyr Moss’s three yards, as the Golden Lions held the big man to little running room.
Quarterback Chase Miller was able only to complete two of 13 attempted passes and the Lions kept him to a negative 15 yards.
The Golden Lions got on the scoreboard with 9:17 on the clock, the it was all Shelby after that as they moved the ball with impunity against the Ironmen. There were a couple of defensive highlights in the game as Caleb Hovis (#8) recovered a loose ball toward the end of the first quarter, but the Ironmen were unable to capitalize on that recovery. A number of Ironmen defensemen were in on some good tackles all through the game but the speed of the Lions gridiron offensive crew was a hard thing to deal with as they got away on more than one occasion from their determined Ironmen counterparts.
So far as passing was concerned, QB Chase Miller, who was without his “go-to” guy from past games – Landon Hahn (out with a shoulder injury), he turned to other receivers such as Collin Huss, Rayshawn Sewell, Tobias Miller, and Shamyr Moss. He connected with Tobias an Shamyr on only two of his 13 attempts, but no scores came from those valiant tries.
Punter Justin Houser was kept pretty busy as the Ironmen couldn’t score by the fourth down on many of their plays and drives.
The Ironmen are away to face the East Gaston Warriors on Friday, Sept. 23 (game time: 7:30 p.m.), and have a scheduled open date on Friday, Sept. 30, as the month of September draws to a close.
(Additional information by Susan L. Powell and Danny Eaker)
Screen shot 2022 09 13 at 12.48.05 pm
The 2022 John Chavis Middle School Lady Wolverine’s softball team and their coaches (on their Thursday, Sept. 8 win over W.C. Friday MS.) The team is currently 3-1. (photo provided)

Coach says his Lady Wolverines
are currently 3-1 on the season

Chavis 6 - Holbrook 7 – Head John Chavis Middle School softball coach Lance Beam said his Chavis softball ladies lost to Holbrook on Tuesday (Sept. 6), 9-6.
Yet even so, leading the offense – noted Beam – was Landry Beam and Hailey Vance with multiple hits.
“Also contributing to the offense was Kate Mulvey, Jenny Brown and Grace Capps with one hit each,” he said.
That said, Beam said Chavis played and defeated W.C. Friday 13-6 in a game which also showcased the young team’s talents.
Said Beam, “We defeated W.C. Friday on Thursday, Sept. 8, as Jenny Brown got the win pitching, striking out six batters,” he said.
Leading the offense (noted Beam) was Jenny Brown, Maddie Avery, Livi Harmon and Kayla Throckmorton with multiple hits. Also contributing to the offense was Kate Mulvey, Landry Beam and Isabelle Robinson with one hit each. Hailey Vance, Harmon, Beam and Mulvey were strong defensively for the JCMS Lady Wolverines.
Screen shot 2022 09 06 at 1.29.13 pm
Ironman Henry Gil moves to position the ball in last week’s win over Crest at Rudisill Stadium. Nearby to assist him are teammates Nate Bookout (#10) and William Allen (#5). (photos by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)

CHS soccer men get two early season non-conference wins


Coach Michelle Cuomo said her CHS soccer Ironmen beat Maiden 5-2 last Monday night, Aug. 22, in their first non-conference match.
“Carson Kelly netted three goals and had two assists, Henry Gil had one goal, Marlon Gomez with one goal and one assist, and Nate Bookout assisted in two goals for the Ironmen,” she said, adding that Jared Varela played a strong game in the goalkeeper’s position with 15 saves.
Cuomo also noted the Aug. 24 (Wednesday) home field win over Crest’s Chargers, with the match final score being 7-2.
Said Coach Cuomo, “Goals came from Carson Kelly (with 2), Nate Bookout, 2 goals and 2 assists; Will Allen, one goal; Henry Gil, one goal and one assist, freshman Davis Escobar, one goal; and Marlon Gomez with 2 assists.”
Cuomo also noted Jared Varela had a shutout in the first half with 7 saves for the Ironmen, and that Josh Morgado made his debut in goal with 8 saves in the second half.
“Steven Brown, Aiden Farmer, Javier Moran, Kai Shipley, and Numarius Good played outstanding defense to contribute to our win” added Cuomo.
The Ironmen traveled on Monday, Aug. 29, to play the West Lincoln Rebels, and will be at home tonight, Wednesday, Aug. 31, at Rudisill Stadium to play Maiden at 5:30 p.m.
Screen shot 2022 08 30 at 2.10.09 pm
Screen shot 2022 08 30 at 2.07.53 pm
The 2022 John Chavis Middle School Lady Wolverines softball team and their coaches. (photo provided)

Chavis Lady Wolverines softball team defeats BC

Head coach Lance Beam said the John Chavis Lady Wolverines softball team defeated rivals Bessemer City 7-5, on Thursday, Aug. 25.
Beam noted Jenny Brown got the win pitching, striking out 7 batters.
“Leading the offense was Livi Harmon with 2 doubles (2 RBI’s), Landry Beam a triple (2 RBI’s), Maddie Avery a triple (2 RBI’s),” he added.
Also contributing to the offense, said Coach Beam, was Jenny Brown with multiple hits and Grace Capps with one hit. Kate Mulvey, Landry Beam, Isabelle Robinson, Hailey Vance and Kayla Throckmorton were strong defensively for the Lady Wolverines.
Screen shot 2022 08 23 at 12.43.18 pm
The 2022 CHS Ironmen Varsity football team – Landon Hahn (#1), Tanner Sisk (#2), Bryson Sigmon (#3), Josh Ward (#4), Abram Avery (#5), Kam Bolin (#6), Rayshawn Sewell (#7), Caleb Hovis (#8), Collin Huss (#9), Hunter Jackson (#10), Chase Miller (#11), Liam McIntyre (#17), Austin Clinton (#20), Marllon Gomez (#25), Shamyr Moss (#34), Bryson Huffman (#35), Caydin Wooten (#43), Elijah Gibson (#44), Henry Gil (#46), Ben Street (#50), Seth Kahler (#51), Justin Harris (#52), Justin Houser (#54), Cameron Lee (#56), Tobias Miller (#57), Jack Dellinger (#59), Gage Vernon (#60), Amir Starr (#61), Corey Alston (#65), Connor Hawkins (#68), Dawson Frady (#70), Jibri Starr (#71), Jordan Lowrance (#75), Tyler Foley (#77), and Noah Hollingsworth (#89). Some players not pictured. (photos by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)

New season sees a couple of
coaching changes for Ironmen football

Actual season begins at home on Friday, Aug. 19, against Avery County


Though Ironmen head football coach Tim Pruitt’s coaching staff has changed slightly, he is, as always, his usual optimistic self. Especially when it comes to his team’s performance when they take to the gridiron turf of Rudisill Stadium on Friday, Aug, 19 against Avery County. In short, he is believing for a good year.
As for those coaching changes, Pruitt said, “Our staff changed a little as Houston Gilmore (defensive backs/wide receivers) and Ben Pierce (running backs) did not return.”
He continued, “We have added Matt Powers to coach the defensive backs, with Will Puckett as our wide receivers coach and Chapel Moss, who will be working with our running backs, when he is available. Josh Garren will also work with the running backs if needed. Coach Powers was a big help as we went into our seven-on-seven season and it is great to have him back!”
As for how he felt the drills went and if any areas needed more work, Coach Pruitt had this to say, “The first four days have been great! The players are working hard to get into better shape and are competing to improve. We have incorporated more conditioning and feel that the players are moving at a high level through their drills. We will continue to stress the importance of mental reps, and the kids are working to install schemes on both offense and defense each day.”
Regarding if the Ironmen have added anything new to the playbook, Coach Pruitt noted, “On offense we have worked during the summer and the first four days on taking snaps under center. We can run most of our offense under center and in the gun, but the steps for the quarterbacks and running backs are much different when we take a direct snap. This will allow our backs to hit the hole quicker and will help with giving handoffs and ball security.
“On defense we have moved to a 4-3 defense that will be multiple as we feel our numbers on the defensive line are better this season and will be one of the strengths of our team.”
Pruitt noted the team’s off-season program (with weights, etc.), “…began the Monday after graduation. The players who attended on a regular basis reported in better shape for day one of practice. Our workout leaders were Camden Williams, Jordan Lowrance, Kam Bolin, Tyler Foley, and Elijah Gibson.”
Pruitt said this year’s team is comprised of assistant coaches Scott Jenkins (defensive coordinator, linebackers); Dell Garren (defensive line); Tim Moss (offensive line); Chapel Moss (running backs); Matt Powers (defensive backs); Will Puckett (wide receivers); Josh Garren (defensive line); and team manager, Leroy Montgomery.
The number of returning starters: seven on offense and seven on defense. The Ironmen lost seen starters Number of starters but have 28 returning lettermen.
Last year’s record, said Pruitt, was 3-8 overall, and 2-4 in the conference. The Ironmen lost to Cherokee in Round 1, 36-15.
Pruitt’s 2022 outlook, “The Ironmen will once again face one of the more difficult 1A schedules in the state as they face five 2A teams that won their first-round playoff game 2021. The Ironmen return a Senior-laden roster with lots of experience on the offensive line. The skill positions will lack depth, but will return quarterback Chase Miller and his favorite target in Landon Hahn. Keys to the season will be to find a running back that can complement the passing game and players that can step up to fill heavy losses at linebacker. Our strength is our depth on both the offensive and defensive lines. Our weakness is having depth at the skill positions. Developing that depth has been a focus off the summer and preseason camp.”
In picking the other teams in the league will finish (excluding CHS), Coach Pruitt noted the following: Shelby, Burns, East Gaston, Thomas Jefferson, Bessemer City and Highland Tech. Said Pruitt, “There are lots of good players at our schools, but the talent level at our 2A schools is the best in the area.”
Ten games are on their current schedule, which is always open to additions or deletions. Six of those game are SPC 1A matchups and four are non-conference games. All home games are played at Rudisill Stadium, starting at 7:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted on the school’s website or on the sign by the stadium.
The CHS Ironmen’s Homecoming game is scheduled for Oct. 7, starting at 7:30 p.m. SPC 1A conference playoff begin Nov. 4, according to the football schedule.
Screen shot 2022 08 23 at 12.45.18 pm
Screen shot 2022 08 23 at 12.46.18 pm
Screen shot 2022 08 23 at 12.48.40 pm
Screen shot 2022 08 09 at 12.55.34 pm

CHS Fall Sports teams start drills and getting in shape


The 2022 CHS Fall Sports teams have started their drills and have been getting in some time on the practice fields and in the weight rooms, according to their respective coaches.
For 2022, the Ironmen and Lady Ironmen will field six teams and the Ironmen Marching Band will be there to root them on, playing the rousing renditions we have all come to love and appreciate.
Head Ironmen football coach Tim Pruitt has been at the helm of the gridiron squad for a number of years now and has seen a great deal of success, but, as he will always tell anyone who listens, there is always more room for growth, on and off the field.
As far as the team’s overall skill drills and workouts are concerned, Coach Pruitt said, “The first four days have been great! We have incorporated more conditioning and feel that the players are moving at a high level through their drills.” This is evidenced by the way the young men have been working out and the number of individuals who have come out to try out for the team. Coach Pruitt’s men – both varsity and JV – call Rudisill Stadium their home field.
Another CHS Fall Sports team which has seen a number come out to take part is also one which lost their senior squad from last year – one which had a great impact on the program helmed by head coach Leigh Kiser. Nevertheless, Coach Kiser said she has many returners this year and they all have a great skill set and seem ready, willing, and able to help the newcomers.
As for the workouts and drills, Coach Kiser noted, “The workouts this summer have been great. We averaged about 10 people attending to better their game and major improvements happened this summer.” The Lady Ironmen spikers call Nixon Gym their home.
For tennis coach Brandon Shull, being able to get back out on the Donna Lavery Courts to train and do their skill drills, especially after COVID-19’s issues, is nothing short of a blessing and a miracle.
While he is happy to have the Diaz twins back in net action for him, and he has a couple of returners who know their way around the courts, Coach Shull is always happy to see who is coming up so far as new talent is concerned.
As for the ladies’ drill and skill sets and practices, ever the man of few words, Coach Shull noted simply and quietly, “Practices have been going quite well. Practices have focused on different aspects and situations that are part of a tennis match.”
Head Cheerleading coach Wendy Holt, whose teams have won many championships for CHS, said the skill drills and such are an ongoing thing for her ladies, noting that, “…CHS decided to take a group of volunteers to the UCA cheer camp at ASU before the season started. This was an optional camp and was open to any eligible current 9-12th grader. The camp was a great experience and the girls that participated got a jump on the season.” They are continuing with their drills and are looking forward to the first game.
Band Director Mark Ewing has been the main band leader of the CHS Marching Ironmen for a number of seasons now and is always glad to be able to get his young musical men and women ready to lead the way on the field and at the games they perform in for the Ironmen.
Said Mr. Ewing as his band crew practiced and drilled in preparation for this season, “This season’s practices have been very productive. We have a great group of students that really enjoy participating in band.”
Head Ironmen soccer coach Michelle Cuomo noted at a recent practice, her men’s soccer team has some returning players and all who came out at last week’s drills and practices at CHS’ practice field appeared to be keen on learning what they needed to get back in the swing of things for 2022. The team’s home pitch is Rudisill Stadium.
Cross country coaches Scott Harrill and Scott Heavner are excited to be back in action for 2022 and are looking for great things from their teams.
CHS will, so far as is known right now, not field a Lady Ironmen golf team this season.
Screen shot 2022 08 02 at 1.15.12 pm

East-West All-Star 2022 Cheerleaders

Cherryville High School cheerleaders Lani Philbeck and Kylie Reynolds were selected as East-West All-Star Cheerleaders for 2022.
Each year NCCCA hosts a live tryout in Burlington. Only girls that have previously been selected as All-Region Cheerleaders are eligible.
As members of the NCCCA All-State team they traveled to Burlington and Greensboro and put in 12-14-hour days practicing to prepare a competition level routine and to learn cheers.
During their 5-day stay they cheered for both the girls and guys East-West All-Star basketball games and the football team. They performed their routine at the NCCCA Coaches Conference and at each game.
This experience allows them to work with top choreographers and coaches. The experience is like packing an entire season into five days. Only a select few juniors from member schools were selected.
Screen shot 2022 07 26 at 12.37.12 pm
The Post 100 Area IV champs with their trophy! Front row (L-R): Landon Jenkins, Reid Stroupe, Collin Robinson, Landon Hahn, Jacob Hamrick, and Colin Huss. Back row (L-R); Will Fowler, Zane Brockman, Kanon Willis, Tobias Miller, Joseph Webb, Taylor Cook, Noah Huss (holding the trophy), Will Blackburn, Cole Irby, Ashton Pope, and Chase Miller. (photo by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)

Coach Reynolds’ Legion ball players win 20th Area IV championship 5-4


Cherryville’s Post 100 American Legion ball club, the Western Division number one team, coached by Bobby Reynolds, won their 20th Area IV title last Friday night at Fraley Field, defeating the Queen City Mustangs, the Eastern Division number one team, 5-4, in the Area IV final.
Cherryville Post 100 ended their regular season 25-12. Their overall wins were 17-10 for the regular season and they were 8-2 in the playoffs.
Next up for the men is the N.C. state tournament at Campbell University starting July 26th and running through the 30th.
The Pool divisions are listed as being: Stars – Area I No. 1 Fuquay-Varina 21-5-1, Area II No. 2 Hope Mills 16-10, Area III No. 2 Randolph County 28-9, and Area IV No. 1 Cherryville 25-12; Stripes – Area I No. 2 Pitt County 20-6, Area II No. 1 Wilmington 18-8, Area III No. 1 Rowan County 35-7, and Area IV No. 2 Queen City 21-7.
In the remaining games against the Gaston Braves (July 18 & 20), Post 100 won Game 5 by a score of 3-2 and Game 6 by a score of 8-7.
Starting pitching in Game 5 was Joseph Webb (seven strikeouts and two walks), with Kanon Willis closing (two strikeouts and a walk). Hitters for the Post 100 men in Game 5 were: Landon Hahn (1-4, got on due to an error); Cole Irby (1-4, walked); Will Blackburn (1-4); Jacob Hamrick (3-3, a solo home run, and a double); Reid Stroupe (1-3, got on due to an error); and Collin Robinson (1-3). Ashton Pope was walked and hit by a pitch.
In Game 6 against the Braves, played on July 19 and 20 (due to weather issues), starter Zane Brockman got things going for the Post 100 men. He was followed by Kanon Willis (one strikeout and two walks), then Chase Miller took the mound, striking out one Braves batter.
Left-hander Collin Huss came on after Miller and walked two and was replaced by Coach Reynolds by Landon Hahn, who finished out the game, striking out three batters.
As the lead-off batter for Post 100, Hahn helped himself at the plate, going 2-5, and getting a double. Brockman also did well at-bats, going 3-5 and getting on also on an error.
Others getting hits or getting on base for Post 100 were Cole Irby (2-5, a double, an RBI); Ashton Pope (fielder’s choice and hit twice by a pitch); Kanon Willis (1-3, scored on a wild pitch and an RBI); Landon Jenkins (1-1, fielder’s choice); Jacob Hamrick (1-5, walked twice); Joseph Webb (2-4, a grand slam home run, 4 RBIs, and in on an error); and Colin Robinson (2-4, a walk).
In the Friday, July 22 game against the Mustangs for the Area IV title, starting pitcher Ashton Pope struck out two batters and walked two before handing off the ball to Zane Brockman who
struck out seven batters and walked one to end the game.
Hitters and those getting on base for Post 100 were Hahn (3-4, hit by a pitch); Brockman (1-4); Irby (walked, on due to catcher interference, and an RBI); Pope (walked); Jenkins (1-1); Webb (2-4, a double, scored); Hamrick (hit by a pitch and on due to an error); Stroupe (1-3, an RBI); and Robinson (walked, hit by a pitch, and scored on a wild pitch).
The team, coaches, and fans all said a warm “goodbye” to player and West Lincoln product, Noah Huss, who “aged out” of his great Legion career, and who will now be moving on to play college baseball.
The schedule for the state championship games
July 26
Queen City vs. Wilmington, 10 a.m.
Rowan County vs. Pitt County, 1 p.m.
Cherryville vs. Hope Mills, 4:30 p.m.
Fuquay-Varina vs. Randolph County, 7:30 p.m.
July 27
Pitt County vs Queen City, 10 a.m.
Randolph County vs. Hope Mills, 1 p.m.
Rowan County vs. Wilmington, 4:30 p.m.
Fuquay-Varina vs. Cherryville, 7:30 p.m.
July 28
Pitt County vs. Wilmington, 10 a.m.
Cherryville vs. Randolph County, 1 p.m.
Queen City vs. Rowan County, 4:30 p.m.
Fuquay-Varina vs. Hope Mills, 7:30 p.m.
July 29 semifinals
Games at 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
July 30 final
1 p.m.
Southeast Regional tournament (at Asheboro)
(Additional information by Susan L. Powell, Danny Eaker, and Richard Walker’s Carolina Sports Hub at
Screen shot 2022 07 19 at 1.07.18 pm
Reid Stroup, the catcher for Post 100, takes a mighty swing during action in Game One of the Area IV semifinals.

Post 100 wins one against
Gaston Braves last Friday night

Braves lead best-of-seven
semifinals series so far


The number two team in the Area IV Eastern Division, the Gaston Braves, has a one game lead on the Western Division Area IV team, Post 100, as both teams headed into the remainder of the July 15 through 17 weekend semifinals.
In wrapping up their quarterfinals matchups, Post 100 won their remaining two games against Matthews Post 235 last week, 3-1 and 9-6, respectively.
In the 3-1 win, played at Fraley Field on July 10, Post 100’s starting pitcher Zane Brockman, a Kings Mountain High product, got the win, going five innings, giving up two hits and allowing no runs. Noah Huss followed Brockman, pitching an inning and giving up a hit. He was followed in turn by Landon Hahn, who also pitched one inning and got the save. Hahn gave up one hit but also allowed no runs.
Brockman helped himself going 1-3; Ashton Pope was 2-3, with a two-run home run in the first inning. Other hitters were Cole Irby (1-3); Kanon Willis (1-3); Jacob Hamrick (2-3); and Collin Robinson (1-1). Post 100 scored their 3 runs off of 8 hits with all runs coming in the first and third innings.
In the last game against Post 235, played away on July 11, the Cherryville men won by a score of 9-6. The winning pitcher was Kanon Willis.
Will Blackburn was the starter and he walked two batters. Willis came in and struck out two batters and walked one. Colin Huss pitched, striking out one batter and walking one. Ashton Pope finished out the game, striking out six batters and walking three. The Legion seniors got their nine runs off of eight hits.
On Thursday, July 14, the Post 100 seniors started their semifinal best four of seven series with the Post 144/266 Gaston Braves. The Braves won that first matchup at Fraley Field, 0-4.
Post 100 starter Joseph Webb struck out four Braves batters. Chase Miller followed Webb on the mound and he struck out three batters and walked one in the loss.
Only three Post 100 batters had base hits (Will Fowler, Will Blackburn, and Collin Robinson). Landon Hahn was walked; Ashton Pope got on base twice due to errors; Cole Irby got on base also due to an error; and Reid Stroupe also was walked twice. Robinson also got on base due to an error by the Braves.
In Game Two of this series, played at South Point High School on Friday, July 15, the Braves won their second in a row 3-2.
The Post 100 men returned to Fraley Field Saturday, July 16 for Game Three of the semi’s and won by a score of 2-1 over the Braves.
The starter for Coach Bob Reynolds, who is now in his 29th year of coaching Post 100, was Ashton Pope, who struck out five batters and walked two. Pope was followed in the mound duties by Kanon Willis who struck out one Braves batter and walked one.
Getting base hits were Landon Hahn, Zane Brockman (also an RBI), and Cole Irby. Hahn got on base on an error; Will Fowler was walked; and Joseph Webb got on base on an error, was walked and hit by a pitch and scored on a wild pitch. Additionally, catcher Reid Stroupe and second baseman Collin Robinson were walked.
The Post 100 men got their two runs off of three hits.
Post 100 is 12-2 in the Division; 17-10 overall, and is currently 4-2 in the Area IV playoffs.
July 14-20 Area IV semifinals (best-of-7)
No. 1 West: Cherryville vs. No. 2 East: Gaston Braves
Game 4 was scheduled to be played at South Point HS, Sunday, July 17, Game 5 was scheduled for Monday, July 18 at Cherryville; Game 6 was scheduled for Tuesday, July 19 at South Point; and Game 7 is scheduled for Wednesday, July 20 at Cherryville’s Fraley Field/Memorial Stadium.
The Area IV final is scheduled for July 21-23, times to be announced later, and the N.C. State Tournament at Campbell, is slated for July 26-30.

(Additional information by Susan L. Powell and Danny Eaker)
Screen shot 2022 07 12 at 12.52.27 pm
Getting the first hit in the best 3-of-5 series, Cherryville batter Ashton Pope crushes one deep into the infield for a solid base hit.

Post 100 seniors Area IV best-of-5 quarterfinals started July 8

Rainy weather bedevils Legion games, postponing some


The Cherryville American Legion Post 100 seniors Area IV quarterfinals, best-of-5 series started last Friday night at 7 p.m., at Fraley Field as Coach Bob Reynolds and his men, representing Area IV West, took on visiting Matthews Post 235, who represented the Area IV East.
And, as seems to be the case, the weather is wreaking havoc on many of the games, forcing the teams to postpone some games and reschedule.
That said, in this first Area IV Q-finals matchup, the Post 100 men blanked the Matthews squad at Fraley, 7-0.
Coach Reynolds started with right-hander Joseph Webb, who threw three (3) strikeouts and went five inning to get the win. Kanon Willis came in the sixth inning and finished the game, striking out one batter and walking one.
The Legion men got their 7 runs off of 6 hits, and their leading hitters and scorers in this first game of the series were: Landon Hahn (1-4, a double); Ashton Pope (a hit, a walk, and scored on a wild pitch. He was hit twice by pitches); Chase Miller (1-1); Jacob Hamrick (2-3, a double, an RBI, and scored on a wild pitch); Zane Brockman (a walk); Cole Irby (hit by a pitch); Will Fowler (2 walks and an RBI); Will Blackburn (Fielder’s Choice and scored); Tobias Miller (a walk); Colin Huss (a walk); Reid Stroupe (a hit and a walk); and Taylor Cook (scored on a wild pitch).
Game Two in the series was to have been played at Matthews on Saturday at 7 p.m., but rain forced the postponement of it and Game Two was scheduled for Fraley Field on Sunday, July 10, with a later start time of 7:30 p.m. Game Three is slated to be played, therefore, at Matthews’ home stadium on Monday, July 11, at 7 p.m., weather permitting, of course.
(Additional information by Susan L. Powell and Danny Eaker)
Screen shot 2022 06 28 at 1.11.02 pm
CHS Principal Shawn Hubers speaking at the May 2022 Spring Sports Awards at the CLC of Cherryville’s First Baptist Church. (photos by MEP/The Eagle)

CHS Ironmen Spring Sports Awards Ceremony

The CHS Ironmen Spring Sports Awards Ceremony took place in May. The various teams and their athletes were honored with a number of awards. The Eagle will bring you some of the those awards, starting with the teams first then moving on to individual awards in the coming weeks. The welcome was given by Principal Shawn Hubers and Travis Dellinger, President of the Ironmen Booster Club spoke, as did Dr. Jennifer Wall, the Vice President of the IM Booster Club. Other Booster Club officers are: Secretary Chad Hovis; Treasurer Michelle Miller; and Co-Treasurer/Resources Sarah Fowler. Ironmen Athletic Director Scott Harrill also addressed the student/athletes. telling them what a great job they did. Each team’s coach handed out their awards.
Screen shot 2022 06 21 at 1.02.39 pm
Screen shot 2022 06 21 at 1.00.34 pm
Post 100 head coach Bob Reynolds watches as Landon Hahn slides into home for another run against Post 66.

Post 100 senior men take
two games before a week off


Coach Bob Reynolds’ senior Legion men took two games prior to their taking a week off, downing Hickory Post 48 and York, S.C., Post 66. Both games were played at Fraley Field/Memorial Stadium in Cherryville.
Currently the team is 11-6 overall and is 7-0 in Western Division play.

Against Hickory
(Post 48)
In this Tuesday, June 14 game, the Post 100 men won by a score of 8-2.
Coach Reynolds started Will Blackburn, who struck out nine (9) batters and walked four (4). He was followed by another right-hander, Kanon Willis, who struck out one batter and walked one. Blackburn got the win.
Hitters for the Post 100 men in this one were Landon Hahn (1-4, a double, and an RBI); Will Fowler (1-4, an RBI); Willis (2-3, a double, and an RBI); Joseph Webb (2-3, a home run, 3 RBIs); Jacob Hamrick (2-3, a triple, a walk, and an RBI); Collin Robinson (2-3, a double and an RBI); and Landon Jenkins (a walk).
The Cherryville Legion ball club got their eight runs off of nine hits.
Against York, SC
 (Post 66)
The Post 100 men defeated the Post 66 ball club by a score of 4-0 in this matchup, played on Wednesday, June 15, at Fraley Field. They got their four (4) runs off of nine (9) hits.
Starting pitcher was Joseph Webb, who struck out six batters and walked two. Coming in after Webb was Noah Huss who struck out one Post 66 batter. Webb was credited with the win.
Hitters in this one were Landon Hahn (1-4, a base hit, and hit by a pitch); Cole Irby (1-4, a base hit, a walk, and hit by a pitch); Kanon Willis (1-4, 1 RBI); Colin Huss (1-3, and an RBI); Will Fowler (1-1); Chase Miller (3-3, a double); Taylor Cook (1-2); Collin Robinson (a fielder’s choice and an RBI); Jacob Hamrick (1-1); and Tobias Miller (a walk, and an RBI).
Post 100 will play next, according to their schedule, on Wednesday, June 22, at Caldwell County (Post 29), starting at 7 p.m. They will then play at home against Cleveland County Post 82 & 155 on Thursday, June 23, starting at 7 p.m.
The team will then take part in the North-South Challenge, which takes place at Fraley Field Friday, June 24 through Sunday, June 26.
On Friday (June 24), Ft. Mill will take on Rutherford County at 5:30, followed by Ft. Mill against Post 100 at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday’s games (June 25) will see Greer take on Rutherford County at 11 a.m.; Greer against Fuquay-Varina at 1:30; Florence against Rutherford County at 4 p.m., followed by Florence versus Post 100 at 6:30 p.m.
The Sunday, June 26 games have Florence against Fuquay-Varina at 12 noon, followed by Ft. Mill against F-V at 2:30 p.m., then Greer versus Post 100 at 5 p.m.
On Monday, June 27, Post 100 will play Asheville at Fraley Field, starting at 7 p.m. Then, they are scheduled to play Fuquay-Varina at Campbell University on Wednesday, June 29 at 7 p.m., and against F-V again on Thursday, June 30 at a time to be announced.
On Friday, July 1, at a time to be determined, the American Legion Area IV playoff pairings meeting will be held at the Post 100 Legion building in Cherryville.
The Area IV playoffs are scheduled to begin the next day, July 2.
(Additional information by Susan L. Powell and Danny Eaker)
Screen shot 2022 06 14 at 12.19.33 pm
Post 100 pitcher Landon Hahan is all business as he prepares to send a pitch across the plate at last weekend’s June Classic. (photos by MEP/The Eagle/CF Media)

Post 100 loses on Sunday, June 12, in June Classic to Rowan County

Cherryville team defeats Wayne County but loses to Randolph County earlier in Classic


Cherryville’s Post 100 Legion seniors baseball team is currently, after their June Classic, 5-0 in Area 4 Division play; 8-6 overall (as of Sunday, June 12).
On Thursday, June 9, the Post 100 seniors played Cleveland County and eked a 1-0 win. They then started playing the 2022 June Classic games which would see teams playing at Fraley Field in Cherryville and at Keeter Stadium in Shelby.
In Friday, June 10’s Classic action at Fraley Field, the Post 100 senior team downed Rowan County by a score of 12-6.
On Saturday, June 11, Classic action continued with the Post 100 men taking on Wayne County, who had earlier at Fraley Field, defeated Randolph County by a score of 4-3. Cherryville handed Wayne County a 5-1 defeat, then later in the night’s diamond action lost 9-8 to Randolph County.
In action against Post 11 (Wayne County), pitcher Landon Hahn got the win as Post 100 got five runs off of 11 hits. Hahn was stellar on the mound as he gunned down two base runners as they played off the bags at first and second.
Game Two had Post 100 pitted against Post 45 of Randolph County. The Randolph County men jumped out to an early lead and it took a bit for our Post 100 men to catch up but it looked like it was going to be a game going into the seventh inning as Post 100 closed the gap, getting 8 runs and looking as if they might tie the game, forcing extra innings. Such was not to be as Post 45 won the game by a score of 9-8.
Coach Bob Reynolds used four (4) pitchers in this one starting with Noah Gantt, who struck out one and walked four. Next on the mound was CHS product Brayden Reynolds, who struck out two and walked four. Following young Reynolds on the mound was Will Blackburn, who walked three and walked one. Blackburn was in turn followed by another CHS product, Chase Miller, who was the last Post 100 pitcher on the mound.
The Post 100 men got their eight runs off of 10 hits as they battled back to inch closer to tying the game.
Hitting well or getting on base for the Post 100 team were Landon Hahn (2-4); Zane Brockman (2-4, a double, 2 RBIs); Cole Irby (2-4, a double, a home run, a walk, and 2 RBIs); Ashton Pope (1-3, a walk, and 2 RBIs); Reid Stroupe (got on due to an error); Will Fowler (2-4, a double and a walk); Kanon Willis (1-4 and an RBI); and Taylor Cook (on base due to being hit by a pitch).
According to Richard Walker’s web site, on Sunday, June 12, at the June Classic games played at Keeter Stadium’s Veteran’s Field, in Shelby, Group A, which was Number 1, Rowan County taking on Group B, represented by Number  2, Cherryville, Post 100, Rowan County was victorious, winning 5-1 over the Cherryville Legion senior team.
The Post 100 men will be back in Fraley Field action on Monday, June 13 as Henderson visits the Post 100 men. This is followed up on Tuesday, June 14 (weather permitting), by Hickory visiting the Post 100 American Legion senior team.
The last home game of that week will pit Post 100 against visiting York, S.C, in an Area IV matchup on Wednesday, June 15.

(Additional stats and info thanks to Richard Walker and; Susan L. Powell; and Danny Eaker)
Screen shot 2022 06 07 at 1.03.20 pm
Burke base runner Mason Mozely watches as Post 100 hurler Will Blackburn winds up for the throw. Looking on also is Post 100 first baseman Joseph Webb.

Post 100 Legion baseball men currently 4-0 in Area IV Western Division

Cherryville Legion team is also 5-3
overall so far


Cherryville’s American Legion Post 100 ball club played Burke County Post 21’s ball club at Fraley Field on Tuesday, May 31, defeating them by a score of 14-5.
Head coach Bob Reynolds utilized two pitchers in this battle: Will Blackburn, and Ashton Pope. Blackburn got the win, striking out six batters and walking three. Pope came in and got two strikeouts. Blackburn helped himself at his turn at bats by going 1for 4, and getting walked. Pope also helped himself going 2 for 4; one a hit to the Fraley Field fence, and getting 3 RBIs.
Other hitters for the Post 100 men were lead-off batter Landon Jenkins (3-5, a triple, and 3 RBIs); Zane Brockman (4-5, a double, scored on a wild pitch, and 3 RBIs); Cole Irby (1-5, a double, and an RBI); Jacob Hammrick (1-4, a double, and a walk); Taylor Cook (2-4, 2 hits, and a walk); and catcher Reid Stroupe (2-4, a double, 2 hits, a walk, and an RBI).
The Post 100 men got their 14 runs off of 16 hits to the detriment of the Burke Post 21.
Since Legion play started in May, and according to Richard Walker’s web site, Post 100 is currently 4-0 in the Area IV Western Division, and 5-3 overall.
In other Post 100 AL matchups, also listed on Mr. Walker’s web site, from the most recent to the oldest game listed for Post 100, on June 1, Cherryville defeated Rutherford County Post 423, 7-6.
The day before, Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day), Post 100 was at Rowan, losing to Post 324 8-1). The Saturday, May 28 game between Caldwell Post 29 and Cherryville, played at Cherryville, was suspended to June 22 with Caldwell leading 4-2 with two outs in the top of the seventh inning.
On May 27, Post 100 was at Hickory Post 48, handing that team an 18-3 loss in five innings. The May 26 matchup between Rutherford Post 423, scheduled to be played at Cherryville’s Fraley Field was postponed, with no date set for a game.
On May 25, the Post 100 game at Henderson was also postponed until Tuesday, June 28, and the May 23 game pitting Cherryville at Gastonia was also postponed with makeup date set.
May 22 saw Post 100’s baseball squad blank Cherryville at Burke 12-0 in five innings of play, while the day previous day, May 21, Post 23 of Gastonia played at Post 100’s home field with Post 100 taking that game by a score of 22-0 in five innings.
On Tuesday, June 7, Post 100 was at Rock Hill, in South Carolina, taking on Post 34, and on Wednesday, June 8, they are in an Area IV matchup against Asheville Post 70, at Asheville (game starts at 7 p.m.). On Thursday, June 9, they play at Cleveland Co. Post 82 and 155; game time also starting at 7 p.m.
The Cleveland Co. Classic starts June 10 and runs through June 12 with games at Fraley Field on Friday and Saturday, and games at Keeter Stadium on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
(Additional info and stats: Richard Walker of Carolinas Sports; Susan L. Powell; and Danny Eaker)
Screen shot 2022 05 31 at 12.58.34 pm
The 2022 Ironmen boys baseball team are the West 1A Regional champions. They won against Union Academy Cardinals on Saturday, May 28 at Cherryville’s Fraley Field. Photo provided.

CHS Ironmen are 2022 West 1A Regional champs

Team’s wins best 2 of 3 games; ends Union Academy Cardinals run


The 2022 iteration of Coach Scott Heavner’s CHS Ironmen diamond kings are the NCSHAA West 1A Regional champs, defeating the Cardinals of Union Academy in the best 2 of 3 matchups last week.
The Ironmen eked out a 6-5 win on Saturday, May 28 at Fraley Field as they came home for a final Game Three matchup against the Cardinals, who won their May 26 game at the Cardinal’s home field, causing the third game to be played as the series was tied 1-1.
The Cardinals had the lead 5-3 going into the sixth inning but the Ironmen scored three runs in that inning on a hit by lefty hitter Colin Huss.
Coach Heavner used four pitchers in this battle, starting with Kanon Willis, who went one and a third innings before being relieved by Brayden Reynolds. Reynolds had a tough time and Heavner sent in Chase Miller, who finished that inning. Junior right-hander Landon Hahn came in and pitched, coming back also in the seventh inning and wrapping things up for the Ironmen. Hahn got the win.
Hitters for the Ironmen were Collin Robinson (1-3, an RBI); Will Fowler (1-3); Willis (1-2, an RBI); Tobias Miller (1-3); Trip Creason (1-2, and RBI); and Huss (1-1, 3 runs driven in).
With this win, the CHS Ironmen are the NCHSAA 2022 West 1A Regional champs!
They move on to play the Perquimans Pirates at the 2022 Baseball State Championship series starting Friday, June 3, at 8 p.m., at Ting Stadium in Holly Springs, NC.
This 1A Championship pits #1 Perquimans against #3 CHS with Game 1 (as announced) starting June 3, at 8 p.m., with Perquimans as the home team. Game 2 will be June 4, at 2 p.m., with CHS as the home team. Game 3, should one be needed, will be also on June 4, at 8 p.m., with Perquimans again as the home team.
Please note, according to the NSHAA, Game 3 could and will be moved to 5 p.m., if the other series at the site does not reach Game 3.

In this series: Game One (May 24)
The Ironmen won this one by a score of 9-1, with the winning pitcher being Brayden Reynolds. Reynolds struck out 3 and walked 2. Chase Miller followed young Reynolds in this one.
The Ironmen got their nine runs off of 10 hits. The game was played at Fraley Field.
Hitters were: Hahn (a base hit and a walk); Robinson (two base hits and a fielder’s choice); Heavner (2-4, an RBI); Fowler (on base/fielder’s choice); Willis (2 hits, one a home run; a walk; and a fielder’s choice; an RBI);Chase Miller (3 hits; a home run; hit by a pitch; 4 RBIs); Tobias Miller (a walk); Trip Creason (a walk); and Huss (2-3).

Series Game Two (5-26-22)
The final score of this Ironmen away game loss was 5-10 in favor of the Cardinals. The losing pitcher was Eli Newsome who had 4 strikeouts and 2 walks. Trip Creason came in and finished the game for the Ironmen. He had 3 strikeouts and one walk.
Hitters for the CHS men were Hahn (hit by a pitch and an error); Robinson (2-4, an RBI); Heavner (2-3, 2 home runs and 3 RBIs); Fowler (got on due to an error); T. Miller (2-3, and scored a run); Creason (hit by a pitch, on base); and Huss (on by a walk).
The Ironmen are currently 21-10 overall, 8-4 in SPC 1A play as they head into the state championships.
(Additional information by Susan L. Powell and Danny Eaker).