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Cherrryville High School gets donation of medical supplies from Medical Center Pharmacy

Medical Center Pharmacy of Cherryville store manager, Brian Kiser (left) stands with CHS Athletic Director and head basketball coach Scott Harrill with the MCP donations. For Harrill and the Fall Sports coaches and athletes, these medical supplies were a God-send! (photos provided)

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A generous donation of medical and testing supplies from Medical Center Pharmacy will go a long way to helping the school and its athletics program come Fall.
Cherryville High Principal Kevin Doran and Athletic Director and head basketball coach Scott Harrill were surprised and greatly blessed by the generous donation from the pharmacy’s manager, Brian Kiser.
They were a much-needed boost for morale, especially in light of the fact that based on NCHSSA rules for Fall Sports to begin, much cleaning needed to be done, and continued on a daily basis in order to make things safe for the coaches, student athletes, and other ancillary staff and trainers, as well as teachers, and other  CHS employees and staff.
Said Harrill, via email, of the MCP largesse, regarding how the supplies would be allocated, and between what departments, “Mr. Doran and I have always had a great working relationship. 
“Many times with CHS and the athletic department we share things such as walkie talkies, tents, supplies, and such. With athletics being after school, we will share most of the thermometers and other supplies.  
“The thermometers and Clorox wipes are very hard to come by, so this is a major contribution to our school and athletic department!”
As for getting started in using the supplies and in what capacity, Coach Harrill noted, “We hope to start back with summer workouts on July 6, and using the supplies then. 
“Our coaches will all have masks on, the Clorox wipes will help with equipment, the temperature checks will be done for every athlete and coach that comes each day. Sanitizer will be available for all to use. The athletic department has also purchased some other cleaning supplies to use before, during, and after all the workouts,” he said.
When asked if the MCP donation came as a surprise to him and Mr. Doran, Harrill said, “We were surprised and very thankful for Medical Center Pharmacy. MCP has always had a long-standing relationship with CHS and the community of Cherryville. 
“This is our first donation of supplies for anything related to COVID -19. Brian Kiser, the Allen Family, and Medical Center Pharmacy goes above and beyond to serve the community and this is just another way that they have helped. Over the years, MCP has employed many students from CHS and they take great pride in making sure the citizens of Cherryville stay as healthy as possible.” 
He continued, “We are very thankful for all that Medical Center Pharmacy does for CHS. As an athletic director, I know our student athletes will be in much better hands because of this donation.” 
Principal Kevin Doran agreed with AD Harrill, adding, “Cherryville High School is very thankful for the community partner that we have with Medical Center Pharmacy. It is comforting to know that we work in a community that thinks of us in times of need.
“Brian Kiser, the Allen Family, and Medical Center Pharmacy are fantastic examples of community members that are always there for the Ironmen.”
Kiser, MCP’s manager, said he was able to purchase many of the products donated before school is slated to start as many of the products now are hard to find.
Kiser continued, “For Mr. Doran, the digital thermal thermometers can be used to check students when they come back to class. They are 'touch-less’ and work great for that sort of thing.
“Disposable masks were included as well as the highly desirable N-95-type masks. Another hard-to-find thing was the Lysol wipes, and we included some hand sanitizer for the front office.”
Being a coach himself (baseball and volleyball), Kiser understands how important it is to be prepared for all contingencies.
“Right now, I understand there can only be 25 people at the practices (which are scheduled to begin July 6) and 10 inside at any time. For us at Medical Center Pharmacy, we try to give to the school throughout the year. My family and the Allen Family has a vested interest in the school. My wife, Leigh, teaches and coaches there, our daughter attends school there and plays on the volleyball team, and we have other family members who work there and have kids who go there,” he said.
Kiser noted the school was glad to get the supplies and added how they is still going to need community support throughout this pandemic.
Said Brian, “They’ll gladly accept what they can get. And MCP will continue to donate other items as soon as they become available.”