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COACHES CORNER/Part 2 Coach Reed talks about the 2020 Lady Ironmen soccer season

Jonathan Reed CHS Men’s and Women’s Soccer Coach

To my seniors, this season came to a sudden end and I’m truly sorry you could not finish out your 4-year soccer career. It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you over the last three years. 

I hope you take with you all the memories and fun times we had together. I hope you all stay true to who you are. These last few months have taught us all many things in life. Each of you have determination in you and a great personality. Never lose that.

A favorite memory from this short season was the proof how much this season meant to you all. You went out there with determination to make it a good season. That last game against Piedmont I could see how important it was also knowing the fact that it could be your last game.

One of my favorite things about coaching soccer in high school is the connection and the laughter we all have together. 

Life lessons – During life we are faced with many obstacles. How you approach them and handle them will vary from situation to situation. With each obstacle please remember to never give up. Patience is always a key. 

A couple of lessons to learn from in the past few months are to cherish those around you and the importance of communication.