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Mar’s Hill’s Jackson home for now; trying to stay active

Mars Hill Lions pitcher Carlton Jackson has a concerned look on his face about the ump’s call regarding the pitch.



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On March 31, 2020, former CHS Ironmen catcher and pitcher Carlton Jackson took a few minutes to give sports readers of the Cherryville Eagle a bit of a glimpse into the world of a college baseball player.

Jackson, a junior at Mars Hill and one of the Lions’ pitchers, said, of all that has so far transpired for him and his fellow college athletes, “This virus has hit all sports – high school and college – hard, at least for now.” 

As for staying busy and active in his chosen sport and being able to find ways to practice, Carlton said, “It has been very hard to find ways to stay active in my sport with a majority of public facilities such as gyms, baseball fields, etc., being closed. 

“I am able to get out with one other person and toss the ball around a couple times a week in the yard though.” 

Regarding his personal feelings about what effect the COVID-19 pandemic is having on his team and his athletic status pertaining to this season, Jackson said, “It has devastated me and my teammates. We spend months preparing for our season and a lot of hard work goes into it and to not see all of that work pay off is discouraging!”

He continued, “I am staying up with my academic studies through online courses. My major is Business Administration.”

Jackson said of any plans to get the Lions baseball team together again if the NCAA lifts the ban on playing or the rescheduling any canceled games, “There are no plans to get the team back together as of right now, and the remainder of the schedule has been terminated.”

Jackson is looking ahead academically however, adding, “This slowdown (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) has not affected any of my further college plans.”