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College baseball player Noah Eaker is staying activeollege baseball player Noah Eaker is staying active

Noah Eaker

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Former CHS state championship pitcher (2016), and a CHS 2017 grad, Noah Eaker said he is trying to juggle his on-line classes and staying active while keeping up with all the COVID-19 pandemic information.
“I tell you, it has been pretty difficult,” said Eaker by phone recently. He is just one of many former CHS Ironmen baseball and Post 100 American Legion baseball players whose college sports careers have come to a somewhat screeching halt thanks to an unseen virus that has turned out to be a killer for some.
Many sports venues have been shut down because authorities at all levels are trying to get a handle on it and flatten the curve of its growth and spread by shutting down sports games, tournaments, and all near-future events. Social distancing has called for no more that 10 people to be in proximity to one another at any event.
Eaker attend Catawba Valley Community College and plays baseball for the Red Hawks, the college team. He is currently taking on-line classes in order to stay up with his studies and make sure he has the required number of credits with which to graduate. His goal, he said, is to be able to transfer to a Division I college and play baseball for them.
Said Noah, “It seems all the hard work we all put in back in the Fall… it seems like it’s all for nothing. I know nobody saw it coming; we understand that. But, I’m sitting here in my house in March when I should be on a baseball field. I certainly don’t want it (his CVCC career) to end like that. Nobody does. I was going to transfer to a four-year school. This is all pretty overwhelming!”
Two of Eaker’s former CHS teammates, Austin Treadway, and Carlton Jackson, are still in school, he said.
“Austin’s at Mars Hill, and Carlton was formerly at Pembroke, but transferred to Mars Hill. I know this has hit them too.
“I have a couple of scholarships, and I’m waiting to hear from a couple of Division I schools. I will know something in the next couple of weeks, but the tough things is their scouts can’t come out and watch us play so we have to send them some videos. Right now I don’t know what the next step is going to be.”
Eaker said he is a very organized person, which makes it hard, he said, on him so far as knowing what his next step is going to be or even should be, with the way things stand with the stay at home orders and the many shut-downs by government officials.
“Patience is tough, but I’m staying as active as I can,” he said. “Nothing changes on that part. I still treat it as if we’re playing in season. I’m throwing, running, weight lifting; I still have to get the (physical) work in.”
Eaker said he is finished at CVCC and is ready to graduate, and, as he noted earlier, much is contingent on what the virus does as well as his hearing from a couple of schools.
“As for getting some playing time in, we played 15 games this season and I pitched in five of them,” Noah said, adding that while that was great knowing what he knows now, it is not enough.
But, he added, the game every athlete is playing right now is the “waiting game.”