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Cherryville eateries new “normal” curbside, carry-out, delivery-only

Orange traffic cones mark the spot where Home Folk’s Café staff bring curbside service to waiting (and hungry) customers. (photo by MEP/The Eagle)



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There is a “new normal” for Cherryville’s many eateries: curbside service.

One of those is the much-loved, well-known downtown nosh-place, a.k.a. “The Home Folk’s Café”. 

Owners Sandra, Janet, and Thomas, also known to their many foodie fans as Sandra Moss, Janet Long, and the always smiling greeter and man of many talents, Thomas Lail, are having to reevaluate what it means, in light of the coronavirus pandemic’s “new normal”, of owning and operating a restaurant. Especially hard is not being able, thanks to government restrictions, to have your ever-popular, always hopping and thriving, dining room open for business.

The trio, including Leigh Long, knows it’s tough on everybody; not just them. Still, it’s still a hard “pill to swallow,” noted Thomas.

Janet, Leigh, and Thomas, along with employee Wanda Blackwood, were there last Wednesday, March 18, taking a bit of a break between call-in, to-go orders, all of which will be picked up outside the iconic restaurant which has been in Downtown Cherryville for many, many years. The curbside service area is clearly marked off by bright orange traffic cones, said Thomas, who said such makes it easier for their customers to know exactly where to come to for their pick-up meals.

Janet said many of their orders are for breakfast, which has always been their “go-to” meal, but they get calls for specials too.

Thomas said they keep a sanitizing spray on hand to make sure there is no transmission of anything one way or the other as the customers still have to come in to pay for their order.

The experience has been tough on them all, said anet, who noted this virus outbreak is tough on all Cherryville businesses, as it is tax time for many of them, and they still have their bills to pay.

Nevertheless, said Janet, “We’re still open for business, so give us a call at (704) 435-9336.”

One of Cherryville’s food businesses still going strong but offering carry out as well as delivery, is Doug and Lisa Ragin’s “Papa’s Pizza To Go”, in the White Pines Shopping Plaza.

The business opened in Cherryville in 1991 and she said until this COVID-19 issue gets resolved or dies out, they are still going as strong as they can, despite not being able to have their famous buffet during the day or any dine-in services.

“We’re running specials right now, but we aren’t quite set up right now to offer curbside service,” she said. “We’re still trying to maintain a social distance for the health and safety of our employees.”

You can still call in and place an order by calling (704) 435-6335.

The same is true with Malcolm’s Drive-In as owner and operator Malcolm Parker noted they were still open but their dining room was closed until further notice.

“We have carry out and you can call in and place orders and come by and get them,” he said, adding they don’t have curbside service.