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Newest group of cherry trees beautifying Cherryville planted

In this view of the newly-planted cherry trees, one can see First Baptist Church of Cherryville in the background, across from the church’s parking lot. (photo provided)



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The newest group of cherry trees to beautify Cherryville are now in the ground, thanks to Mr. Bob Barker and the Cherryville Rotary Club. The “sweat equity” of it came as well from Mr. Mark Upchurch and his son Will, of Upchurch’s Garden Center, who also put in the first round of the fragile-looking trees in 2019.

Mark noted that Mr. Barker has agreed to graciously continue to pay for the trees and their planting, adding, “This has been a project between the Cherryville Rotary Club and Mr. Barker.”

As for the cost this time around, Mr. Upchurch deferred to Mr. Barker.

“I think this (cost) question is (one) for Mr. Barker. But, I know it is not about the money, but about Mr. Barker’s vision to enhance the beauty of Cherryville,” said Mark.

Last year, the Upchurch Garden Center crew planted the first round of cherry trees near the W. Blaine Beam Intermediate School parking lot, as well along main roads and streets in Cherryville. Also, there were some of the trees planted near or next to many Cherryville businesses.

Upchurch noted that this round of trees was planted along the CSX railroad tracks grassy areas next to the First Baptist Church of Cherryville’s parking lot; the Cherryville Community Building, in the area formerly occupied by the fountain; at First Presbyterian Church, in the Cherryville City Cemetery; and finally, near or on the property of several businesses along Hwy. 150.

Said Mark, “This year my son, Will, and I planted the trees. Because of the rainy weather this year, planting of the trees was postponed until late February. We did plant 146 trees. This planting brings us to a little over 400 trees now in the ground.”

Upchurch noted the type of cherry tress planted this year are the same ones as were planted last year – the Yoshino and Kanzan varieties.

In answer to how the trees were planted, the process
 was the same as last year, as 

See TREES, Page 8A

From Page 1A

Upchurch said they used the tractor and auger in the same fashion as in 2019, auger the hole, set the tree and fill in the hole, water, and let nature do the rest.

Bob Barker’s original dream was to see the cherry trees he remembered from his childhood once again dotting the landscape of his hometown, with the beautiful flowers contributing to the grandeur of the little town of Cherryville so that it can truly live up to its motto, “Cherryville – Where life blossoms!”