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Sisk gets CNYSI plaque for his 72 years as a New Year’s Shooter

Charles “Brownie” Sisk holding the photo of him and his dad, Lester at Charles’ first New Year’s shoot on Main Street, in downtown Cherryville. (photo by MEP/The Eagle)



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The Cherryville New Year’s Shooters group held their 2020 Hosts Dinner on Friday, Jan. 31, to once again thank all the families and friends who hosted them during their 24-hour journey to make Cherryville safe from evil spirits.

Long-time member Rusty Wise and the group also chose this time to award a plaque of longevity to a member who has been shooting for 72 years. That person is Charles Franklin Sisk, also know to his family and friends as “Brownie”.

As for Sisk, 82, he said he knew beforehand the group was going to do something, just not what. He was still, as he put it, “Very thrilled with it! Very pleased that they thought of me to do that for me. I was very honored!”

Sisk’s memory of his first “shoot” is vivid.

“I was 10-years-old, and it was 1948. It was on Main Street in Cherryville, and I was with my dad, Lester Sisk,” he said.

Sisk retired from the Carlton Mill after 26 years with them then went into the screen printing business (salesman and part owner) in 1985, with a friend. 

Today, Sisk and his family call Lincolnton home, but he gets over to Cherryville as often as he can, he said.

Although Wise wasn’t exactly sure how long the group has been having their hosts dinner, he thinks it is more than 50 years, so far as he knows, that is.

“We’ve had it at least 50-plus years that I know of,” he said. “The first dinners were held at the old Triple H Restaurant, where Caputo’s is now.”

Wise said the group recognized “Brownie” for 72 years of shooting with the group, giving him a plaque that noted his long-time dedication in keeping “Cherryville, North Carolina’s tradition forever going.”

Said Wise, who is the group’s Secretary, “Charles has been going 72 years, and we gave him a recognition plaque. He means a lot to the group. He is very dependable and goes to every host we shoot for. He doesn’t miss a shot. That’s why we appointed him the ‘Official Greeter’ of our group.”

Rusty said Carl “Boozie” Dellinger talked about Charles and how dedicated he was as well.

“I recognized all of our officers and thanked them for their service and hard work. Charles also spoke and gave a few stories on the group.”

Wise noted that Al Putnam, representing the Putnam family, spoke about the Shooters’ heritage, especially in the area concerning its German heritage.

Wise presented the hosts that were there with an “Official Group Patch”, which the CNYSI groups has had for over 50 years.

As for the group’s officers, Rusty said all of them were there: President Carl “Boozie” Dellinger; Vice-President Mike Dellinger (Boozie, Jr.); Secretary Wise; Treasurer Jon Abernethy; Sisk, as the Official Greeter; and Safety Officer Michael Dellinger.

Wise noted that as some members get older, the group has been trying to get some younger members, or “new blood” into the group, to help with the generational shift.

Said Wise, “Yes, we are seeing a generational shift in our group. More so in the hosts than the shooters though.

“We keep growing our member base every year. This year we had 463 members. We ran out of membership badges, caps, and black powder for the 2020 event!

“I think with our group being the ‘original group’, many want to say they are with the ‘Originals’ and become a part of history.

“We also have a newsletter, website, social media, and some merchandise as well, which helps our group.

“I would say we are currently the largest, active non-profit in Cherryville, as far as membership goes.”

The food was catered by the same folks that have been doing it for a while now, he said.

“The Party Girls, also known as Susan Craft Eason did it, and we had BBQ with all the trimmings, desserts, and ice cream, which the kids loved!” said Rusty.

As for the hosts, Wise said they added five new hosts this year. They were David and Renee Crane; the Mauney Family; Fat Daddy Baggers; Ann Martin; and Curt Brown.

Wise said, “It’s amazing to see how much New Year’s Shooting means to the shooters and the hosts. For many, it’s their most favorite holiday. It’s an amazing, ancient social event in today’s modern world.”