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Christmas was brighter for Holy Angels residents

Cherryville Elementary teacher Mrs. Kelly Brown and young “Santa’s Helper”, Seth Cothran. Mrs. Brown said she taught Seth in Kindergarten and in the Second grade. (photo provided)



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A Cherryville Elementary student made Christmas 2019 a little nicer and a little brighter for a few of the residents at Holy Angels in Belmont.

The story gathered momentum, thanks to Seth’s former second-grade teacher, Mrs. Kelly Brown, who said, “I just happened to be looking on Facebook one night and I saw where his mom had shared a post about Seth wanting to take gifts to each of the 80 residents at Holy Angels.”  

Seth Cothran was with his third-grade class, said mom, Jennifer Cothran, when he went on his first visit to Holy Angels on October 31, 2019.

“It was on their Gaston Pride Tour field trip,” she said. “He first mentioned getting the residents gifts at the beginning of December. We took the gifts to Holy Angels on Monday, Dec. 16.” 

Mrs. Cothran said they were able to make sure all 80 Holy Angels residents received a gift.

“Each resident received a blanket,” she said, adding that Seth had two residents that he wanted to do something special for. 

One, named Connor received from Seth the new ‘Aladdin’ movie and a Lion King blanket; the second, named Greg received a Carolina Panthers shirt. 

Jennifer continued, “There were numerous items that were purchased and, or donated, that included DVDs, health care items, and craft supplies, that were on the facilities wish list. These items were distributed by the facility based on need.” 

Overall, there were 82 blankets, health care items, 30 DVDs, and numbers craft supplies. 

“Of course, Seth’s special gifts for his two residents that really touched him,” she said, adding, “Connor was a younger patient that Seth said was really small. Greg, he said, was an older man that really loved the Panthers.” 

Mrs. Cothran said Seth, 9, still attends Cherryville Elementary and is in the third grade in Mrs. Ledbetter’s class.

Said Jennifer, “Seth was really excited about this whole project. He was a little upset that he could not deliver them personally. I think he was shocked by the amount of people willing to help him with the project. He said he would like to continue this – giving gifts to the Holy Angels residents. 

“Kelly Brown has been a big supporter in this. She told Seth that she would love to continue helping him with this every year.”  

Due to Seth’s age he was not able to deliver the presents, his mother said. And, with it being cold and flu season, guests under the age of 18 are prohibited from visiting until February. 

Once this was explained he understood, said Jennifer. 

The gifts were distributed on Dec. 19, said Mrs. Cothran, on Holy Angels’ “Santa Day”.

“Seth was accompanied by his friend Elam Foster and his mother, Jessica, as well as his brother, Austin Cothran, and myself to deliver the gifts,” she said.

Said Jennifer, “As a parent, this truly touches your heart that a child his age is so selfless. He only asked for one item for himself for Christmas. Everything else he asked for was for someone else. 

“I told him that everyone was proud of him for what he was doing and he said, ‘Mom, I didn’t do it for the spotlight, I did it because it’s sad that they don’t have anybody. His father and I will always support him with anything he tries to accomplish. 

“I am proud of him and thankful that God blessed us with such a caring child. I do worry that as he ages that people will take advantage of his kindheartedness.” 

Mrs. Cothran said she wants everyone that helped to know how truly amazing it was that in such a short amount of time we were able to do this. 

“The community, school, friends, and family were all supportive of Seth. Kelly Brown was his biggest supporter. Seth absolutely loves her. His second-grade year he actually said he wasn’t going to school unless he was in her class. Seth was in her class for Kindergarten and Second grade. Thank you to everyone that helped and donated!” 

For her part, Mrs. Brown said, “I taught Seth in Kindergarten and Second grade at Cherryville Elementary School. He was always such a kind-hearted boy and was always friendly and kind to the other students.” 

She continued, “I just happened to be looking on Facebook one night and I saw where his mom had shared a post about Seth wanting to take gifts to each of the 80 residents at Holy Angels. I was thrilled when I read this and told her I would be more than happy to help in any way I could. I was so proud of Seth too! I went back to school and asked for the teachers to donate any arts, crafts, or school supplies they might not need to send with Seth when he delivered the gifts. 

“I was so excited because we had filled three big boxes full of supplies and things for the residents to use and enjoy!”