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Cherryville missionaries share what is still needed in the “fields of the Lord”

Nov 21, 2019 09:15AM

Cherryville missionaries Renee and David Crane posing with the board of Calvary Road Ministry, taken, he said “several years ago”. As of Oct. 3, Rev. Crane is the new president of this nonprofit which our Lord has blessed and used for His glory since 1998. (photo provided)



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Cherryville missionaries Renee and David Crane recently sent out an October update on recent happenings and to share news about what is happening on their field of service, and share prayer requests about their-then upcoming trip to Uganda.

Reverend Crane noted that as of Oct. 3, he is the new president of the Cavalry Road Ministry nonprofit which Crane said, “Our Lord has blessed and used for His glory since 1998.”

He noted the outgoing president is Alan McAlister, adding, “My thanks go out to Alan and the board for placing their confidence in me to lead this organization in the days ahead. Many doors continue to open to CRM to empower churches and believers through the two CRM produced Story Cloths, on-the-field training events and by supplying scripture resources.”

Crane left the USA for Uganda on Oct. 21, and met up with two representatives of this ministry so he can lead them to various refugee camps located in the northwest of the country.  

Said Crane, via a media release, “This will be a vision trip for them so they can explore the possibility of partnering with the Baptist Convention of South Sudan using sports to empower that group’s Gospel work among young refugee men and women. Please pray our Lord will speak clearly to these two brothers regarding His will for them and their organization.”

On Oct. 5, Rev. Crane noted Travis Dellinger and his helpers organized the Third Annual Round for Refugees, calling it “an outstanding success.”  

Said Crane, “A lot of fun was had by all and just over $14,000 was raised through 35 corporate sponsors and individual donations. My thanks go out to everyone who served and contributed financially.”

Also, Rev. Crane said that in mid-September, the Outdoor Blessings Sunday School Class, which meets in the Cherryville-based Great Outdoors sports store, held a fund raiser for CRM.  

“It was a smashing success and raised over $11,400! My thanks go out to the leaders of the class, and to Tyler Beam and the staff of the Great Outdoors. What a privilege it has been for me to be affiliated with you, and to enjoy your wholehearted support.”

The first week of November (Nov. 2-9), Rev. Crane said he and his wife Renee led another wonderful team of volunteers to do another training of Sudanese and Ugandan MBBs.

“Adam Harun and his wife, Kusar, will once again choose the Sudanese women to be trained,” Crane said. “Please pray for them during this process. We have told them we can accommodate 25 women.”

Additionally, the Crane’s said they are hopeful three Aringa women will be included.  

Crane continued, “David and Austin Davis will train 11 male church leaders using the Acts Story Cloth, while the women will once again train toward the first cloth. The women will again provide trauma healing counseling and make washable feminine products.”

The Crane’s and those ministering with them use a projector they provide for the showing of the Jesus Film and other Gospel films.  

Rev. Crane said, “Twelve people recently donated a projector and my thanks go out to each of them. We will also once again take out in the ministry field preloaded and blank micro SD cards, Light Streams, and MP3 players. The blank SD cards will be loaded using a Light Stream. My thanks go out to Curt Iles for providing 25 Torches (MP3 player).” 

The Cranes and their fellow ministers have continued to receive many encouraging reports from various fields about the effective use being made of the resources CRM has provided to our South Sudanese and Sudanese brethren, he noted.  

Said Rev. Crane, “You who have sacrificed to support our efforts can rest assured that your prayers and giving are producing a deep and widespread impact. Many unreached people have received their first Gospel witness because of your sacrifice and involvement.”

The Cranes noted they still have many prayer requests; specifically that all luggage arrives intact; that team members can easily get through Customs; that the Lord will protect from the evil one all who have been selected for our upcoming training; that SCORE International leadership will receive a clear answer from God about their involvement with refugees; and lastly that Rev. David can successfully tie up all remaining logistical issues.  

The Cranes said they still need sponsors for the 25 women and 11 men they will train, with each person’s training costing over $160. 

Donations can be made by check made out to CRM and mailed to: CRM, 4100 Fulton Rd., Corryton, TN, 37721.  Said Rev. Crane, “You can earmark the check, ‘Sponsor a refugee Nov. training.’ You can also donate online at Choose the ‘Giving for Going’, and ‘While it is Still Day’ options under the donate tab.” 

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