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W. Blaine Beam Intermediate recipient of school bonds money

WBBI Principal Todd Dellinger looks at some of the painting trim work done on the outside of the school’s cafeteria. (photo by MEP/The Eagle)



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W. Blaine Beam Intermediate Principal Todd Dellinger is elated over the work and various upgrades, repairs, and “renos” his school has received of late.

Like the other three Cherryville schools – Cherryville High School; John Chavis Middle School; and Cherryville Elementary – Mr. Dellinger is in good company with fellow school principals Kevin Doran, Ryan Smith, and Shawn Hubers when they smile and say a big “thank you” to all those who voted for the school bond referendum a couple of years ago, because it has meant, essentially, “money in the bank” for the Gaston County Schools system to see that some of it reaches not just the larger districts, but the smaller ones as well. 

According to the Gaston County Schools’ web site, Cherryville Township’s  “piece of the pie” was $5.8 million, and, again like his contemporaries, WBBI had work done in the “Life Safety” and “Sewer Lines” columns of the graph posted originally on the web site.

According to the graph in question, said funds “would be used for the most critical repairs/renovations in the following areas.

Said Mr. Dellinger, “The school system has done some roof repairs on our classroom building in order to fix a leak problem we had. Those have now been taken care of. We had water running into the library.”

Dellinger said the work wasn’t what he termed “glamorous” but was important nonetheless, and was exactly what was needed to keep the building open.

“They have also been refinishing our stage at Starnes Auditorium, and should be done with that even as we speak. It is my understanding there will be more extensive work done to it (the stage) next summer,” he said.

Mr. Dellinger stepped outside to show the painting and trim work done to their cafeteria’s outside as well as the rest of the school building, on the First Street side. He added there was “more painting to come.”

As part of the “Life Safety” aspect of repairs and renovations, Mr. Dellinger noted their intercom system is to be upgraded.

“That is coming too, at some point,” he said. “We do have all of the Life Safety facets covered so far, but we will be receiving other upgrades to our current system.”

As for any work on their sewer lines, as per the mention in the graph, Dellinger said there was some work done in the cafeteria, which he noted was the county school system being “proactive” so far as that was concerned.

“The bottom line is we here appreciate all the money that has been allocated to our Cherryville schools and that has been spent her for us. We are all looking forward to what’s coming next!”