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Cherryville Elementary’s Hubers glad for “reno” work done on school

Shawn Hubers, Principal of Cherryville Elementary School, stands by the black, high-grade steel cyclone fence that surrounds his school’s recess and playground areas. The fence is a new (and welcome) safety addition to his school, said Hubers, who has been asking for something like it since he became a Principal. (photo by MEP/The Eagle)



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Cherryville Elementary School Principal Shawn Hubers looks out on his school’s grounds with a smile, clearly proud of what being the beneficiary of some of the $5.8 million in repairs and renovation has done for the small elementary school he helms.

According to information posted in graph format on the Gaston County Schools’ web site, the areas his school was slated to have work done in included Life Safety (cameras, fire alarms, intercoms, and such); electrical and lighting work; water and sewer lines, and plumbing. On the graph, no boxes were checked when it came to getting work done on a parking area and driveway near his cafeteria, though such was sorely needed, he noted.

“We had delivery drivers from last year talking about how badly cracked the pavement there was and that it was getting harder to drive over it without the trucks bottoming out. As you can see now, they came and fixed that and I’m extremely pleased with the outcome and the work done!” said Mr. Hubers.

Hubers, who was an Assistant Principal at Cherryville Elementary for two years, has been the Principal there for four years now. 

Said Hubers, “I taught and coached for nine years at North Gaston High School and did a one-year internship at Tryon (Elementary) as part of principal fellows’ program.”

 Perhaps it would be fair at this moment to note that of all the work done so far at the school, the one thing Hubers is currently most proud of is a large, six-foot tall, black in color, heavy duty steel fence that surrounds the school and its playground areas, that will provide some protection for them and their teachers while at recess.

“This thing is tall, to begin with,” said Hubers, patting the fence post, “and, though it is a chain-link fence, it makes it hard for anyone to just walk onto the school grounds without us knowing about it.”

The massive fence encompasses the school perimeter, he noted, and does have entry and exit points but those are hidden well enough to deter anyone just “showing up” on the playground property.

“This is something I had been asking for, for a long time, and Gaston County Schools came out and got it done for us.” Hubers said. I guess you could say it falls under the ‘Life Safety’ aspect of the chart as much as anything.”

Hubers also noted other work being done on the outside; namely a little bit of landscaping near the newly paved driveway and parking area.

Additionally, inside work was being done to four classrooms.

“They have taken up some older tile under some of the carpet in our classrooms and will put down newer, white-colored tile in its place,” he said.

Regarding new equipment, Shawn said his students and teachers are now on a one-to-one ratio in having Chromebook computers to use for their lessons. That means there is one computer for each of his students, which makes things so much easier when his teachers have to work with them on their assignments.

As far as new teachers and personnel are concerned, Mr. Hubers said though he lost three good teachers, he has three new ones coming, who are equally as good and up to the task before them, when the new school year starts in August.

“I’ll have a new art teacher, a new music teacher, and a new PE (physical education) teacher coming. I know they will do a terrific job,” said Hubers, who added “everything, and everyone else though, is the same, so far.”