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The Cherryville Eagle

Cherryville YMCA Summer Camp kids visit Cherryville Eagle office

Jul 18, 2019 10:04AM

A group of 26 Cherryville YMCA Summer Camp kids paid a visit to the Eagle office last Tuesday morning, July 9. Sonia Baker and a couple of her camp counselors brought the kids by as part of their learning more about their community and its businesses and how they work. The kids asked questions about what a small-town community newspaper was and why Cherryville had one. They all agreed their favorite sections of any newspaper was the comics (for all of them), and the sports (for most of the boys). Many of the girls liked seeing “doggies and kitties” in the paper too! When asked if any of them knew how old the Eagle was (113 years!), one young man raised his hand and replied, “Lots and lots of time. A whole bunch a’ years!” They all got to take home a white souvenir Eagle stadium cup, then they had their picture made in front of the Eagle office window with its representation of a 40s – 50s-era “Eagle Boy” newspaper carrier. Thanks to the “Y” for letting this smart group of kids come by and pay us a visit.

(photo by MEP/The Eagle)