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Cherryville High School gets renovations done over the summer

Jul 12, 2019 08:27AM

Alcom’s Noah Eaker, a CHS grad, talks with CHS Principal Kevin Doran about one of the LED lighting components that will brighten up the CHS Library. (photos by MEP/The Eagle)



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Principal Kevin Doran, of Cherryville High School, said he is glad to see the school getting some “reno” work done in areas that needed it badly.

He points out though that a lot of work has been done previously and what the school is getting done now is what was slated as CHS’ part of the $5.8 million allotted for what Gaston County School’ terms “Repair and Renovation” work for the four Cherryville schools (CHS, Cherryville Elementary, John Chavis Middle, and W. Blaine Beam Intermediate; plus Tryon Elementary.

According to the GCS “checklist”, areas where CHS was to get work done were Life Safety (cameras, intercoms, security, and fire alarms); Electrical; Lighting; Water and Sewer lines; Gas lines; Plumbing; Parking Lot and Driveway; and Elevator Installation (ADA Compliance); and Restrooms (ADA Compliance).

Some of those items, he noted, would probably get done later on in the summer and before school starts, or even moved to next school year. 

“In my time here at CHS (5 years) we have gotten our roof replaced, gotten our new gym floor, and a new

HVAC. That was over $1 million spent in that five-year period,” he said.

What’s being done this summer is new carpet installed in the library and in the classrooms, and new LED lighting for the library.

Doran spoke with Chip Irby, the GCS Facilities Director, and he confirmed the parking lot “redo” would “be next year.”

The electrical work is being done by Alcom, a Cherryville company owned and operated by Allen Eaker. The two young men who are doing the work are Noah Eaker and Brett Eurey, said Doran.

“They’re doing the electrical and lighting installation work for us,” said Mr. Doran.

Doran continued, “We’ve done so much work here at the school that you don’t see immediately; like painting all over. We’ve painted the entire interior of the school. I see this as an investment in our students, and one that Gaston County Schools has put into CHS!”

Doran looked around, assessing the work being done and that which has already been done and said, “We want our school building to match the pride we feel in Cherryville High School. It’s true that we have done a lot of work in the past five years, and there’ more yet to be done. I look forward to the future!”

Doran also noted that, in addition to getting the new “reno” work done, he has seven new teachers coming in the fall, adding he will get back with the Eagle for a story on them. He also has a new Assistant Principal coming in August, Mrs. Jada Warnock, who was formerly the AP at Lingerfelt Elementary.